Pick up shoe styles as per comfort


When it comes to shoes, one has to primarily see the comfort level because if shoes are uncomfortable then it can be bad for the feet health in the long run.

There are plenty of styles when it comes to women footwear these days. Now, what style one should add to their wardrobe completely depends on their style quotient and what they are comfortable in wearing. Here are some variations that one can consider:


This is a very casual shoe variety that one can wear easily and they have elasticised panels on either side of it. So, one does not need extra laces to fasten those shoes. Ladies loafers are mostly of classic styles and they can add some kind of vintage glamour to any kind if casual or formal outfit.

Gladiator sandals

They are the strappy sandals which have a T bar running down the front. One can wear them with maxi dresses because they look really great and bring in kind of a holiday feel. Though it was once a concept from Greece but it has made a comeback in the high street and fashion world. They also go well with office wears and tailored trousers.


As the name suggests, they are worn mostly during the time of training. One can wear them when they are up for their gym or yoga sessions. But apart from that, one can also use them as a fashion wear. It provides the feet with a lot of comfort and it protects the feet with right kind of cushioning and support.


Heels are the obvious choice for one who is wearing a dress or an evening gown. There are varieties of styles when it comes to heels and one can choose from them depending on how high heels they are comfortable to wear.

Court Shoes

It is a classic style which one can wear to any formal even like any business party or an outdoor formal meeting. Court shoes mostly have low line upper and it means that the top line of those shoes sit quite low down on the foot. They have medium height heel and a pointed toe. One can look for court shoes which are mostly in black, beige or brown because they look stylish in every attire.


They are just not for men but they have become a fashion staple for women as well. These shoes are as versatile as any flat shoes and one can also look formal by wearing them. They can add a sort of quirkiness to any summer dresses. One can pick them in various patterns, colours and heel heights.

Ankle Boots

As per the name, the boots reach till the ankles. One can invest in a good pair of them because they have a classic shape and one can wear them to office or for any casual outings. It is a great idea to pair them with summer dresses and with tailored trousers.

One can look for any of these above mentioned styles when they are looking for women footwear online.

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