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Labels are more than just pieces of paper with some information on them. For consumers, they are real points of reference allowing them to know as much as possible about the product they are considering buying. Because in these economically difficult times, the attraction of novelty is not enough to sell: you have to convince with concrete information and explain, in a subtle but clear way, why it is better to choose this product over another.

That said, not all consumers have the same expectations, so it is best to avoid trying to create a sticker that might “please everyone”, as you risk having the opposite effect for lack of originality. It is rather desirable to bet on an aspect of your product which will be able to convince a certain category of buyers and to create a packaging which will address this category in particular. Using the pricing stickers  is important.

Labeling: an important choice

On the other hand, there are always criteria on which we can make choices. Because if of course you have to respect the rules, you can always do it with originality.

  • The readability is extremely important, but nothing prevents you from playing with fonts and colors.
  • You will thus choose large colored characters for a product intended for children, pretty sophisticated letters for an article aimed at women, and a sober and elegant font for a product typically designed for men.
  • The same goes for the design, which you will choose according to your target. But most consumers consider that the sticker also informs them about the values, even (in the case of a small producer, for example) about the personality of the company which markets the product.
  • Do not hesitate to do tests, for example by choosing to print your labels in-house using a sticker printer offered by specialists such as Quick Sticker Systems. This will allow you to greatly reduce costs.

Finally, do not neglect the back sticker of the product which, while it can afford to be less visually impressive, must carry much-needed information.

The purpose of the label

Lost in a sea of ​​offers, your product must imperatively focus on the visual aspect. It must stand out, catch the eye, in short, and make the customer want to take it in their hands! Your commercial sticker is the “mouthpiece” for the uniqueness and exceptional quality of your product. Before creating your promotional labels, you must also gain an overview of the market and the competitors for your specific product.

In short, the sticker aims to convince the customer that this product deserves to be bought more than the others. It is the point of reference for consumers to inform them as much as possible and must therefore be very legible. It must also reflect the values ​​of the company through the design and its information.

What to Avoid

Do not make the mistake of trying to please everyone. You need to find your target customers and focus on a product feature that is likely to be of particular interest to them. Make sure you are clear and consistent: there is no point in getting lost in the brilliance of the design to compensate for a lack of guidelines and identity!


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