Lifestyle blogging as a source of digital enrichment


Are you planning to move to some new place and looking some firsthand idea about the place or want to start with a new hobby?  Do know where to start from? Lifestyle blogs are here for you. Internet users take help from random WebPages for various purposes. Blogs provide them with these streamline information that ultimately end up being rich knowledge base for the user. Various kinds of blogs are being published these days in various digital formats. Academicians look for quality content for their particular subject domain in specified blogs. A DIY project blog can save the day for a newbie. Through various blogs a consumer can take a cue about the products and it finally the blogs help him or her in decision making.

Bloggers are versatile. Their socio-economical background, ethnicity, emotional quotient always have a prejudice towards the content they are creating. This makes one blog strikingly different from another. For a same product, bloggers from different countries may have different of opinions. Both these are helpful for the viewer. The western part of the world adapted the culture of blogging much earlier as compared to the east. This is due to their strong economical background, early access to internet and enthusiasm in trying something new. As Internet provided a platform which is accessible to all and as it is non-discriminatory in nature, bloggers starting creating content on almost anything. The majority of digital content creators or blogger took up following domain to express their views or creativity:

  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Education and research
  • Do it yourself (DIY) projects
  • Cooking
  • Writing creative articles
  • Product reviews

The above segments are actually those for which a random Internet user will look for help.

Among all these, the lifestyle blogs have a very different dimension. The only rule to create a lifestyle blog is there is no rule. The blogger is supposed to record and post anything he or she wants to. If it is creative, entertaining or helpful; it will certainly stimulate the interest of the viewer. And that is how the blogger will grow. Talking about growth; the growth of bloggers in terms of viewership has been phenomenal in last decade. That is due availability of Internet for a bigger demographic. These days blogging has become a profession, i.e., a primary source of income for the blogger. For example, Top UK lifestyle bloggers are known for their great contents and attract views from around the globe. So they have become celebrities in domain of digital content creation. Needless to say, they earn a lot.

As the bloggers attract a large number of followers, the brands also try to woo these followers by doing promotional partnership with the bloggers. But for the beginners the ad placements in their blogs are only source of revenue. Also new bloggers can opt for affiliate marketing. Once there is growth, promotional campaigns start pouring in. But to maintain the integrity of the content, the blogger should disclose whether that particular content is paid promotion or not. There is law in few countries to safeguard the consumers from misleading advertisements. This is applicable for bloggers too. It is important to gain the trust of the viewer and maintain the same so that a great digital utility model can sustain.

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