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In the world of interpersonal relationships, especially that of couples, there are difficult moments that you have to live. One of them is when you live an unrequited love or when you are in a relationship and you know that the time has come to say goodbye because you have tried everything and things do not work.

When saying goodbye is an opportunity to grow

Farewells might be very difficult, and even more so when you know that you will never able to see that person whom you loved so much, and you are conscious that nothing will ever be the similar and that, over time, the contact that once occurred will vanish. .

In these cases, it is convenient to be intelligent and take the right path, the one that allows to become yourselves again and that directs towards your well-being. Read the farewell and goodbye wishes below:


Goodbye and mourning messages

I can hardly believe you are gone; That whenever I call on your cell phone, there will be no answer; That we will no longer be able to go out together and enjoy the landscapes that we liked so much. We are separated today and are prevented from seeing each other, but not for an instant do I forget you. I miss you already more than anything.


There are no distances when someone means everything to you. You are gone but I still feel you with me everywhere I go. I carry you on the left side of my chest and smile alone whenever I think of you. The sadness I feel will not be greater than the joy of having lived part of that life with you! I will love you forever.


The people we love never die, they just travel in front of us … They just buy a ticket to a place far away … Very far away. Only they had only the money for the one-way ticket and who use to be left with no bucks to go with them, will have to stopover, work, even save money and also buy tickets and travel… 

No matter where you are, an angel comes and turn off the life switch and that special person sleeps.

The decision to say goodbye may be a tough one, but in this context it is, without a doubt, the least bad option. Although at the moment of farewell the world seems to end, the truth is that it is a way to close a stage and start a new one. One that will allow people to grow, and from which one can take advantage of that initial pain to be more than they are and develop as people.

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