Learn the difference between stretched and unstretched canvas prints


Would you like to transform different designs and photos into beautiful art pieces? You can do this with the help of canvas prints. Though many people understand the relevance of such prints, not everyone distinguishes the different forms of canvas prints available. You can either choose unstretched or stretched canvas. Understanding how these two differ can help you select an ideal type to fulfill your specific needs.

As the name suggests, stretched canvas prints are those that are stretched over a wood frame. The inclusion of stretched bars in such prints make them ready for hanging and displaying. Unstretched Canvas prints, on the other hand, are often rolled. They come without the stretcher bars. While some people choose stretched canvas prints, others pick rolled ones since they prefer making their own frame.

If you want a custom canvas print that you can hang as soon as you receive it, then you need to inform your printing service provider that it should be stretched. In such a piece, the printed canvas is often stretched over a preassembled wood frame. Most of the printing service providers that specialize in canvas prints make use of a timber frame to create stretched canvas prints since they are known to be durable. Having a quality canvas print mounted on a poor quality wooden frame would be a waste of money.

That is why most professionals that create stretched canvas prints use kiln-dried stretcher bars that are known to be sturdy. These bars do not warp over a short duration. Naturally, wood is known to expand and shrink since it is highly porous. By using kiln-dried wood on stretched canvas prints, you will not have to worry about having an uneven art piece on your wall. Stretched canvas prints also feature some beveled edges which prevent them from cracking easily.

If you order a stretched canvas print, you should also focus on the wood quality. Poor quality wood tends to break easily if the canvas print is dropped. The wood framework used in the making of stretched canvas prints makes your art piece remain intact for a long time. Due to the materials used to create a stretched canvas print, most of them are expensive. The packaging also has to be done securely to protect both the canvas print and the stretcher bars.

For those looking for affordable canvas prints, you should consider getting an unstretched one. Since you are only purchasing the print without the stretcher bars, it may be more pocket-friendly. Apart from the flexibility of creating your own frame, you can also choose an unstretched canvas print if you want to ship it. Since it can easily be rolled, it may not occupy a lot of space, and you would incur less shipping costs.

Most of the rolled canvas prints are delivered in tubes rather than in large boxes. If you go for this option and don’t have the knowledge to frame it yourself, you can look for a frame shop to help you out. Consider the extra costs of framing before choosing an unstretched canvas print.

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