Keep Your Silver Sparkling: How to Clean Jewelry


There are several reasons you should keep your precious jewelry clean. If you want your favorite pieces to look shiny and new, you should learn how to clean jewelry.

It’s important to know the best and most effective cleaning methods. There are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re interested in cleaning them yourself.

Continue reading to learn proper ways to clean your jewelry.

1. Use a Special Cloth

There are special cloths made to clean diamonds and other precious stones. The method is easy as you place the piece of jewelry inside the cloth and rub it. This works by removing oils and debris resulting in shine.

2. Make a Cleaning Solution

You can use gentle cleaning solutions like baking soda or dishwashing soap. Soak the piece of jewelry in the solution for a short time, then take it out and dry it with a cloth.

3. Use a Jewelry Cleaning Tool

If you search through different retail beauty stores, they sell special solutions or small tools for cleaning jewelry. These usually come as different-shaped containers that you can place your jewelry in.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Make sure you use the right solution based on the type of jewelry you have. For example, gold jewelry might need a deeper clean using tools to scrub off any residue.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

If you are cleaning silver jewelry, be a bit more gentle. Silver might show scratches easier, so soaking silver jewelry is a better method.

Some additional jewelry cleaning tips include using a toothpick to remove small debris. Also, avoid damage by using a box, pouch, or other organization methods to keep them safe from possible damage.

Why Should I Clean My Jewelry?

If you have a piece of jewelry you wear daily like a wedding ring, it’s important to remember to take it off once in a while. Similar to something else you wear all the time, they can get dirty.

Things like an allergic reaction, a build-up of debris, and discoloration can occur. When you wash your hands, soap residue can get stuck behind a ring. When you walk around for a day, fragments of dirt might get stuck in a necklace.

But there’s no need to worry – you can clean your jewelry without damaging it as shown in the tips above.

Jewelry Is the Best Accessory

There are a few things that make jewellery unique. They’re generally important family heirlooms or special gifts. It’s also a great piece to upgrade any outfit.

Whether it’s a diamond ring or a necklace, it’s a great opportunity to express your style.

How to Clean Jewelry Answered

When you decide how to clean jewelry, either by doing it yourself or hiring professional services, it’s important to keep them in their best shape.

Like anything else on your body, you should keep it clean. It can hold onto debris and residue that might irritate your skin.

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