Circular Needles – A Great Choice Of Needles For Stress-Free Knitting


Many varieties of needles are getting added to the tool kit nowadays. Circular needles are relatively new yet very popular. These are nothing but two short knitting needles connected with the help of a variable cable.

Circular knitting needles are usually made with two-needle tips connected by a plastic cord. The tips of these needles range in length from 4-to 5 inches. They are available in a variety of materials, including bamboo, wood, plastic, and metal. Most circular needles are about 16-50 inches long with variable cord lengths. These various lengths enable them to be utilized for knitting a wide range of items.

Benefits of circular needles

  1. These needles take away the majority of the weight on the cable and thus protect your wrists from getting strained after long hours of knitting.
  2. The 2 needles in the pair are always kept attached and thus, little chance of losing one.
  3. The risk of poking someone sitting beside you is much less with circular needles when compared to long and sharp straight ones. 
  4. The issue with straight needles is that everything can get tangled with each other which can be easily avoided with circular ones. 
  5. You can easily create seamless circular shapes which are impossible to get with straight needles. 
  6. The result and assembling are also faster. 

Apart from these, these knitting needles also have other advantages. The most important benefit is that these are more ergonomic. This is because they allow the knitter to lay the project in his/her lap rather than holding it by hand. Thus, it can protect the knitter from many injuries and also makes the work easier. 

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Storage and transportation are also easier when compared to double-pointed or straight needles. These needles also have the advantage of being easier to use in busy places like airports and buses. As the points are much shorter, breakage of needles is also less commonly seen with circular needles. 

By using the magic loop method, the same circular needle can be used to accomplish projects of various lengths. 

Circular wooden knitting needles are a nice choice because these can grab most yarns well. Beginners frequently have difficulty keeping the yarns in place on the needle. This problem can be easily sorted out by choosing wood as the material for needles used by beginners. 

Wooden needles also come in wonderful color combinations that are quite stunning to look at. Wood is wonderful for slick yarns like cotton because it grips well and allows for more control.

Circular needles can also be found in fixed and interchangeable formats. With fixed needles, you can’t alter the tips or wires because they’re fixed. As a result, if you purchase a size 6 20″ needle, it will remain that size. However, with interchangeable sets, you can attach the cable in a variety of configurations saving you some effort and cost. 

The only disadvantage of circular needles is that they have connecting points, making them weaker. Even then you cannot overlook the list of advantages making these needles a great choice for comfortable knitting.

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