How to improve your video game skills


The world of video games is increasingly widespread and that is why the number of players is increasing. Within these user / players we find everything, sporadic players, video game fans and even professional players in the sector. This added to the immense typology of games we find a great diversity of players.

Well, a common problem among video game players is that at a certain point they see or feel a kind of stagnation in their performance or skills as a player; that is, they feel that their abilities as a player are not improving. That is why today we want to show you a series how to improve our gaming skills.

Some of the tips I came across will seem pretty obvious, while a couple of them may catch your eye. So hopefully after reading the article you will come across a couple of interesting new ideas to try. These tips are handy for both when you are playing multiplayer games online or with your friends locally, and are focused on getting an edge over the competition. They could also be used for single player games. You should try Joker Game too.

Simple adjustments that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE

– Turn down the Music, turn up the SFX volume, and use the headphones

You may not realize it, but when we listen to music during a game, a small percentage of your brain is actually focused on the music rather than the game. Being successful playing a video game is all about focus and concentration. We’ll talk about getting into the “zone” later, but the best thing you can do is eliminate the distractions that make it difficult for you to focus. Thus, by turning off the music, you will be able to focus more fully on the game you are playing. The worst thing is to play your own music, because that will definitely distract you from the rhythm and tempo of the game. But, even in game music, which is intended for integration with gameplay, it takes a bit of concentration.

If the game gives you the option to mix the sound levels, turn down the music and turn up the sound effects. Sound effects can really help increase your reflexes and reactions, as they give you an additional sense, aside from seeing, to help evaluate your actions. The ideal is to use quality headphones, because that will eliminate a lot of noise from inside your house and they will fully immerse you in the game by increasing your level of focus.

– Brightness to the screen

One tip that not many gamers know is that many games are made a bit dark or fuzzy to really help colors pop and contrast. Sometimes this provides a certain mood or style, but it will not help to have an eagle eye. If you are playing an FPS game and you want to be able to detect someone before they see you, try adjusting the brightness of the TV so that the colors are very easy to see. Obviously if you make it too bright it defeats the purpose. But try this setting until the graphics are more easily recognizable without emphasizing that they are super pretty. Yes, you may lose some flashiness, but this is strictly for those who want to gain an advantage in the game to win.

– Customize controls to perfection

Many games allow you to configure the sensitivity and layout of the controls. Don’t take this for granted. Since it could happen to you that you are ready to start a game and see yourself in the situation where you have to deal with what works. That is why it is really important to sit down for a few minutes and go into the options to configure the controls to your liking. Next, test the in-game controls if something is not as expected or you are not comfortable with something, go back to the options and refine them until you get a perfect level of sensitivity, which will make a subtle but fundamental improvement in your performance of the game. that you may not even be aware.

– Buy a more comfortable mouse or pad

Having a mouse or pad / controller that is comfortable and easy for you to use can really make a big difference. Many gamers just assume they have to stick with the mouse or controller that comes in the box and don’t try the many alternatives that can make a big difference in how comfortable they are. But, the big mistake is that it’s not just about comfort – comfort directly translates to how well you play. Next time you’re at your local computer store or game store, visit the third-party accessories section and see which one fits the most comfortably in your hand. That will be your personal controller that will lead you to success. And if you also have the money to spend, buy yourself a very comfortable ergonomic mouse.

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