How to Choose a Tattoo Parlor


Around 45 million people in the US got tattoos in 2021. But not all tattoos are the same quality. So, how can you make sure you are happy with your tattoo?

One of the best ways to guarantee tattoo satisfaction is to pick the right tattoo parlor. There is no use just researching ‘tattoo shop near me’ and picking the first option. You could end up in an unprofessional setting, or worse, an unhygienic one.

But it can be overwhelming to know how to choose a tattoo shop with so many options. So, we have you covered with this tattoo parlor guide. Read on to learn how to find the best tattoo shop for your needs.

Know What You Want

You do not need to know what design you want, but it does help to know what style of tattoo you want or where you want a tattoo. There are over 30,000 tattoo parlors in the US, so knowing what you want can help narrow the search slightly.

Many tattoo shops advertise specialisms. You can also consider what you want from the tattoo shop. For example, some tattoo shops use only vegan ink and up-to-date technology, such as quiet machines.

Get Recommendations

A tattoo parlor might look great, but you want to make sure the reviews match. It also helps to ask friends, loved ones, colleagues, and even strangers, if they have any tattoo shop recommendations in your area. You can also search ‘tattoo shop near me’ and spend time reading independent customer reviews.

In-Person Visit

Do not commit to a tattoo shop until you visit them. You want to get a feel for the vibe and check they use sanitary practices.

Do not be afraid to ask about licenses, insurance, and tattoo artist experience too. A reputable tattoo shop will be comfortable sharing this information with you.

Evaluate Portfolios

A tattoo shop may recommend a particular artist for your request, especially if they have a variety of artists working there. However, you can still check their portfolio and check it aligns with what you want.

Many artists now have online portfolios, too, so you can see their work in advance. After all, you do not want to immediately consider tattoo removal.

Check Services

Ask whether the tattoo shop offers follow-up, such as touch-ups or aftercare advice. Some tattoo shops offer care items as part of their package. Pick a tattoo parlor that is happy to keep in touch and ensure you are happy with your tattoo.

Find the Best Tattoo Parlor for You

There are always popular tattoo shops, but the best tattoo shop for you might not always be where the crowds head. Take time to research to find the right tattoo parlor and artist for you. These factors make or break your tattoo, and while there is always a way to change a tattoo, you want to be happy with it, at least initially!

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