Accent Your Curves: The Different Types of Shapewear, Explained


When you think of shapewear, you may assume it’s to help suck your body in to make it appear slimmer or smaller. While some may want this effect, shapewear is intended to help accentuate your natural body!

Whether you want to hide insecurities or flaunt your body, shapewear helps you achieve that without bulky bras and heavy seams.

There are many types of shapewear out there to help you achieve your desired look. If you find yourself wondering, “what is shapewear?” or “should I wear shapewear?” continue reading to help you determine your choices.

Legs and Backside

Whether you want to tighten your thighs or help smooth your backside, there are many different shapewear options for your lower half.

From compression shorts that help flatten your tummy while smoothing out your booty to half slips you can wear under dresses and skirts to help round out your hips, there are plenty of options to help boost your confidence.

You can wear most compression shorts under your regular wardrobe, making them perfect for a day in the office or a dinner date.

Stomach and Upper Body

One of the most popular reasons many women wear shapewear is because they want tummy control. There are many shapewear options for your stomach, with the most popular choice being briefs.

These panty-like shorts are ultra high-waisted, often reaching just under the bust. They help smooth out your curves. Finding a reliable brand, like She’s Waisted, can help you feel confident in tight dresses or jeans.

You can also opt for compression tanks or camisoles for your belly while also helping to define your back and prevent your bust from spilling out.

If you need extra support for your arms, there is shapewear available to help smooth out your arms. This is great for those worried about their arms, as it also helps improve your posture.

Full Body

While the other options help target specific areas of your body, you may be looking for an all-in-one answer. Enter the bodysuit! Instead of filling with many different layers of shapewear, you can blend them all with a bodysuit.

This high coverage option is the best shapewear for those looking for a full-body solution. With support for your bust, tummy compression, and shorts to help smooth your hips and thighs, this is a staple for most women.

If you aren’t a fan of shorts, they also make full-body slips, with a comfortable skirt at the bottom.

The Types of Shapewear You Can Try

Who knew there were so many different options out there? Before you can enjoy the benefits of shapewear, be sure you pay attention to the different levels of compression to ensure you have the most comfortable fit.

Remember, shapewear can help you look and feel your best! It’s not intended to make you feel smaller but rather to help emphasize your body, making you feel beautiful.

Did you find this guide to the different types of shapewear available helpful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more informative fashion and style tips and tricks to help you look your best.

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