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You may not have the best cars and all the money as a child, but we must admit that this is one of the best stages in human life. The sense of wonder speaks to our inner wild child! As a child, nothing impressed me more than experimenting with the hair chalk. These products (hair chalks) pull along with some diverse hues, and the lack of commitment tied to their application is simply amazing.

A close outlook

The good thing about our fast-changing world how innovative people can get! We don’t have to stick to one way of doing things for ages, and it is incredible looking at the many ways of hair chalk applications popping up as we progress.

In this regard, I’m talking about some outstanding application formulas popping up from time to time. I know that we all love being at a point where we have wide-ranging options to choose from, but we also need to realize just how confusing everything could get.

Most of us may be boxed in a corner, not to make head or tail of the best way to go in terms of applying hair chalk appropriately or even how to remove the remnants when the time comes. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore because I have conducted proper research to help you in this regard. Here are ways to apply as well as remove each type of hair chalk much more effectively. Read on.

Liquid hair chalk

The liquid hair chalk is quite popular and it is sold with its foam or sponge-tipped applicator. Its application is quite easy, and that is considering that you all need a few items. Before starting the application process, you need to be equipped with a towel covering your shoulders.

You may also want to get smoke gloves considering that you want to uphold the cleanliness of your hands and clothes,. Failure to do so would cause some stubborn stains, and that is probably not what you want.

The applicator will help you apply the liquid hair chalk, and that is how you end up with some beautiful locks. You want the hair to dry well, and that is something that could take up to about 30 minutes. From that point, you could proceed to use a styling brush to blow-dry the hair.

The removal process is a pretty easy one. You will just go the usual way in terms of the way you clean your hair.

Some of us may want to speed up the process by using massage hair oil. That is also allowed.

Hair chalk compact

Let me start by outlining that it doesn’t matter whether it is dry or wet hair, this kind of chalk will work either way. However, the application on wet hair would be a better way to go and that is considering that it would result in more intense color.

The application process entails starting with a one-inch section of hair and sliding the product over its length. The next move would be to take a spritz of hair spray and then move ahead to seal the pigment.

Your hair is not the same as mine. I’m talking about the pointy that your hair may be lighter. For some of us, it will take three shampoos to eliminate the product. That may be different for the others.

Bear in mind that the hair chalk coming in the compact is quite easy to wash out with shampoo. However, it may not be the same case with the blondes who may be required to shampoo a few times more to get rid of the pigment completely.

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