Get to know How to Buy Flower Vase


Even though the size is relatively small, the presence of a flower vase can actually give a cheerful color and a different atmosphere to the room of the house.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, flowers and sweet vases are decorative elements that can be considered quite flexible and not too expensive.

What’s more, flowers of any color will match and match if you install them in any room.

Definition of Flower Vase

A flower vase is an open container filled with flower arrangements. These containers can be made of various materials, such as clay, glass, iron, plastic, etc. Even wood can be used to make vases.

Vases can be combined with other decorations such as paintings or the like to add aesthetic value. Vases can be of various sizes to be able to store a variety of flowers.

  1. Glass Flower Vase

This type of flower vase is very suitable to be used and placed on a decorative table that is devoted only to placing items to decorate the room. This is because glass flower vases are more prone to breaking. So if it is placed on the guest table, it is very vulnerable.

To minimize this, you should put it only for decoration and out of reach of children. That way, the beauty of the flower vase will be more visible and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Don’t forget to always clean the flower vase from the dust that sticks to it and also you have to be careful in cleaning it, because glass flower vases are fragile items and very vulnerable.

  1. Wooden Flower Vase

The next flower vase model is a flower vase made of wood.

This flower vase is highly recommended for you. This is because wooden flower vases usually have unique and interesting carvings. In addition, wooden flower vases are also not easily broken. So it can be more durable and long lasting.

For those of you who use this type of flower vase, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

You can put it on the living room table, even within the reach of children. In addition, you should always clean the flower vase diligently so that it is not dirty from dust.

  1. Plastic Flower Vase 

The next type of flower vase is a flower vase made of plastic.

This type of flower vase is very safe to use because it is not easily broken. So you will not feel afraid if used for playing by children.

In addition, plastic flower vases also have a high aesthetic value because of the various shapes and colors. So you have many variants to choose from.

This can also make you more selective in choosing a flower vase.

  1. Clay Flower Vase

The next type of flower vase is a clay flower vase. This type of flower vase is a type that is in great demand and widely used by the public.

In addition to the unique model and shape, this type of flower vase is also a unique type of vase in the process of making it.

Making flower vases from clay requires special skills and not everyone can make them.

The aesthetic value of clay flower vases can be seen from the model and also the color creations used in clay flower vases.

Clay flower vases are fragile vases, so you need to be careful when touching and placing them. You also need to consider the position of the flower vase to make it look beautiful and durable. Don’t forget to always clean it too.

  1. Bamboo Flower Vase

For those of you who don’t want to have a flower vase that breaks easily, you can also use a flower vase made of bamboo. This flower vase is durable and not easily broken, but still has a beauty and uniqueness that can complement the beauty of your home room.

If you use a flower vase made of bamboo, your room will look more natural. This is because the material used for your flower vase is natural and environmentally friendly.

  1. Flower Vase from Newspaper

The last type of flower Blumenvase is a flower vase made of newspaper. This flower vase can be made yourself according to the creativity you have.

You can also use old newspapers to make them. So, you will not spend a lot of money to get it.

In addition, if you use this flower vase, you will feel that the room in your house will have a higher artistic value. This is because the creation of newspapers is a very unique creation and is one way that is being developed as a process of recycling unused goods.

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