What Flower Symbolizes Loyalty?

Flower Symbolizes Loyalty

Flowers are one of the most common mediums used to express feelings to someone. Various kinds of them in the world have their symbolism. They have an attractive beauty that can give satisfaction to those who see them. Its colors from white to purple are also available. They are one of the beauties of God’s creation that can make the audience feel calm and happy. Usually, many people use it as a gift, decoration for an important event, or decoration to beautify the house. In addition, they also have the grace of a variety of scents.

Some flowers have a refreshing scent. They have their distinctive aroma. But in some flowers, you have to feel the smell up close. Some are indeed fragrant by themselves. Not only that, but they are also often used as decorations for happy moments such as weddings, engagements, and birthdays. Apparently, behind this beauty, every flower – from roses, tulips, lilies, to lotuses – has deep symbolism and carries messages for its recipients such as happiness, strength, purity, or grief. Then, what flower is a symbol of loyalty?

1.    Lily

When you want to give something special in the form of flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then lilies can be an option. The lily has symbolism of true loyalty and immortality, so it is suitable to be given to a partner so that your feeling is truly eternal until death does you part. When giving lilies, it indirectly asks the couple to be willing to go through the bittersweetness of domestic life together. Even the white lily reflects the purity of true feeling.


2.    Violet

Viola Odorata or violets come from the viola genus. It is originally only spread in Europe and Asia. Violet has the symbolism of affection, humility, and devotion. They represent a man who gives this to his partner. That means he has promised to love with all his heart and will for each partner. Meanwhile, this flower is also a representative of the symbol of power. It assumes that truth is the path of one’s devotion to a bright future, including promising a better life.

3.    Gerbera

This gerbera is a cut flower that is often juxtaposed with roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, or tulips. It holds the meaning of a long-standing relationship. It is suitable for you to give it to your partner when the romance has been going on for a long time. It also has the meaning of loyalty to a partner.

4.    Daisy

Each color also has its meaning. White Daisy means loyal and innocent. No wonder many men use white daisies when proposing to their idol girl. Red daisies symbolize secret love, beauty unknown to its owner, sincerity, and simplicity. If you are a secret admirer, try using red daisies as a present for your idol. And orange daisies mean joy, warmth, and enthusiasm. Sometimes at graduation, someone gives a bouquet with an orange daisy in it. It turned out to encourage and celebrate joy. In general, daisy flowers mean purity, purity, simplicity, tenderness, and loyalty.

5.    Aster

Daisies grow in the wild. There are all kinds of daisies, and white daisies are the most beautiful. White daisies mean loyalty, beauty, purity, sanctity, patience, and simplicity.

6.    Carnation

You have to adjust the color of the carnation to the feeling you want to convey. Pink carnations mean affection, red carnations signify love, white carnations represent pure love, striped carnations mean faithful love. They are even suitable for you to take with you and a get well soon hampers when visiting your sick lover. It will surely make him happy. And yellow carnations mean rejection or disappointment.

7.    Chrysanthemum

Over the years, chrysanthemums have signaled praise and admiration. Japanese people believe that they are a symbol of the sun. They also believe that a single petal of bolinksom chrysanthemum placed in a glass of wine will lead to a long and healthy life. The general meaning of the chrysanthemum is Cheerfulness, affection, friendship, and secret.

Each color in the chrysanthemum has its meaning. Silver chrysanthemum to express your feelings to close friends. And red chrysanthemums to express your feeling for the opposite sex. Yellow chrysanthemums mention the love that needs to be watched out for or claps aside. That means, if you get a yellow chrysanthemum series from your boyfriend, ask him if his love is really for you or is there anyone else but you. White chrysanthemum is a sign that your boyfriend trusts you with all his heart. It also means honesty/truth and loyalty. Purple chrysanthemums express a strong desire to be healthy.

8.    Sunflower

Sunflower has its meaning and philosophy. The sunflower philosophy has a sign of loyalty. The cross-section of this bloom is always faithful to follow the direction of the shining sun. It is also a yellow color which is synonymous with the meaning of warmth and happiness. Sunflowers have a distinctive behavior that is always following the direction of the sun. It is this trait that started the sunflower philosophy, associated with devotion.

9.    Edelweiss

Edelweiss flowers that grow in the plains 2000-3000 meters above sea level have the meaning of courage and devotion. So when giving it to someone, this indicates that you are serious and loyal in love.

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