Full Grain Leather Belts From Nab Leather


Handcrafted 100% full grain leather belts made in Canada. Lifetime guaranteed

From casual to formal, we offer 100% full grain leather belts made in Canada. One solid piece of leather. No bonded belts, period. This results in a belt that minimizes stretch and will never break or crack at the holes. The tough full grain leather is taken from the hide and handcrafted into the last belt that you will ever need.

Our casual belts will give you that clean, simple look you’ve been searching for. Our formal belts will have you ready for board room meetings, weddings, or any other special events.


Full grain leather is composed of two key components of a hide – the Grain and the Corium. This Grain is what gives the leather its beauty, strength, and unique character. The highest quality leather products are produced from full grain leather due to its quality and ability to last a lifetime. Even several lifetimes if taken care of. Due to this supreme quality, full grain leather is the most expensive and sought after.


·        Ethically Produced

    • We only use the highest quality, ethically produced full grain leather. Every piece of leather made is from a bi-product of the food industry. We strictly avoid suppliers known to sacrifice animals just for the skin. The leather is tanned using an organic method known as vegetable tanning. This method relies on the use of natural vegetable tannins from bark or other plants instead of toxic chemicals.

·        Handmade in Canada

·        Lifetime Guarantee:

If any of our belts ever quits functioning or has a defect in the leather or hardware, then we will repair or replace that product for you for free. No strings, no fine print, just a quality product backed by an honest guarantee.

Check out our wide selection of full grain leather belts at https://nableather.com/collections/mens-full-grain-leather-belts.

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