Finest bedroom wardrobes You Can Prefer


Choosing a wardrobe that is suitable for us and our way of living is one of the most important decisions when it comes to furniture. Therefore, you should never buy a closet like crazy, but think about the decision well and weigh the pros and cons of each type or model of closet. Here are some tips so that you do not miss anything. You can visit for the best results in this case.

The two most important premises that we must take into account before even going to the store are: What space do we have available? And what budget do we have? The first thing will determine if we choose a built-in wardrobe (to save space) or free-standing, as well as its size and the way of opening (with the sliding doors you will gain enough space, up to one square meter, and with the folding ones too, although they are more delicate). The second will mainly mark the materials and finishes of the wardrobe. Obviously, if we want a built-in wardrobe and we do not have the pre-installation, this will imply a higher cost than buying a wardrobe made directly, since we will have to get on the job.

Once you have this clear, you already have the most limited terrain and you can start looking at models in some and other stores. Because this in the end is like everything: a matter of taste.

Find the style that best suits your room

Think about the colors and materials that your bedroom has (you can even take some photos to the store) in order to choose the ones that best combine with the bed, the chest of drawers, the curtains, etc. And keep in mind that the colors that will give you a more spacious appearance and vice versa.

  • If your bedroom has a modern and casual style, perhaps you dare with the latest trends: The most innovative cabinets combine two finishes, such as glass and wood; or glass and lacquer. Metal combinations and doors up to the ceiling are also very popular. If you are daring, you can make its color contrast radically with the walls and the rest of the room. If you are more conservative or prefer balance, have them combine. And if you choose doors with colored glass, you will make the wardrobe the focal point of your bedroom.
  • The most traditional material for cabinets (and also the most expensive) is wood. But you always have the most common option of melanin. They come in all colors and at quite affordable prices.

There is also an increasingly widespread trend that consists of putting cabinets without doors , apart from being trendy, you will save a lot of money. Student flats or transient flats no longer have a monopoly on this type of wardrobe, but they are increasingly in vogue and, if you have them in order, they can look very good and at the same time be very comfortable and accessible (if you are rather messy, better discard this option).

The important thing is inside

But if the external appearance of a closet is important, its interior is much more so. We must not forget that it is a functional piece of furniture and, therefore, the most important thing is that it has a practical and organized interior that allows optimizing space.


To decide how we want the interior to be, we must take into account how many people are going to use it, what type of garments we mainly have, the way we usually place it, etc.


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