9 Benefits of Wearing a Sun Hat


Over 1 in 3 Americans suffer from sunburn each year. This uncomfortable, painful condition can often come with other issues (like cancer) from excessive sun exposure.

Sunscreen helps. But, it may become a problem if we wear makeup or have sensitive skin. Luckily, we have an alternative: a sun hat. Furthermore, it offers other perks as well.

Learn how a sun hat can benefit us below!

1. Keep the Sun Out

A sun hat offers sun protection. The sun emits UV rays that can damage our skin, hair, and eyes if overexposed. For example, too much sun may lead to more wrinkles.

Those with paler skin especially feel the impact. As such, the extra protection goes a long way.

2. Variety

Sun hats come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They come in different price ranges for different budgets.

Unique style? No problem. Women’s sun hats have become as diverse as those who wear them!

3. Stay Looking Fresh and Put-Together

Sun hats perch comfortably on top of our heads away from makeup. Position them right to keep hair intact, too!

Our hat might be big enough to protect our face and neck. Thus, we can avoid sunscreen from the neck up.

4. Stay Cool

A bigger sun hat means more shade. More shade means we feel cooler.

This helps a lot when we need to run errands out in the heat.

We should also consider our hat’s color since lighter colors reflect more light. This contributes to our feeling cooler as well.

5. Keep Bugs Away

Bugs can come from anywhere, especially from the trees. Hats keep them out of our hair.

Additionally, certain colors, like white, protect us from insects. Bees and wasps usually stay away from the color white, as they deem it non-threatening.

6. The Perfect Piece in an Outfit

Hats have so much variety, as we’ve learned earlier. Thus, they can match our outfits perfectly.

They might complete the set to our clothes or stand out as an accent piece. They can set a trend or make us look more put-together overall.

7. Keep the Wind Out

Like sunburn, windburn afflicts many. Windburn has similar symptoms to its bright, sunny counterpart.

They make our skin red, burnt, and painful! Throw on a hat and cover as necessary to prevent this not-so-easy-breezy condition.

8. Save Some Money

Sun hats protect the eyes, skin, and hair? Time to invest in one!

Sun hats save us money because they help prevent other health conditions from surfacing. Pair a hat with the necessary coverage and potentially save us thousands of dollars on future medical treatments.

9. Hide a Bad Hair Day

Humidity can make our hair frizz, which makes us run late if we try to fix it. Cover it up with a hat to save trouble plus time.

Additionally, we may start to bald for any number of reasons. Pull on a hat and boost confidence!

Why Wear a Sun Hat?

A sun hat carries several benefits. They protect us from the sun as they keep us stylish and comfortable. As summer dawns upon us, the proper sun gear becomes more important than ever.

What are you waiting for? Get a sun hat ASAP!

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