5 Names for Precious Stones That Would Look Great on You


Do you have an outfit but feel it’s missing something? The right gemstone may be just what you need to make it perfect.

If you are having trouble picking out the right one you’ve come to the right place. We will go over the names for precious stones and their characteristics, so you pick which one is the best for you. So keep reading!

1. Emerald

The Emerald is the gem of the goddess Venus and signifies fertility and love. Its bright green color can’t go unnoticed.

However, if you are looking for a lighter green, there is the Russian Emerald. They are very desirable by many collectors and vary in price depending on the size and clarity.

Emeralds often have distinct features called inclusions. They are referred to as birthmarks on the stone and they do affect the price. The Russian Emerald’s price is more affected by these than emeralds that are not mined in Russia.

2. Aquamarine

This light blue color resembles the ocean and sky. It a great stone to gift your spouse as it promotes stability in marriage. This is the March birthstone and is also believed to bring good health.

The stone tends to be lighter in color and is rarely found in a deep blue. When on your search for the perfect aquamarine, remember the darker the color the more expensive it will be.

3. Morganite

This stone’s beautiful color makes it very popular because it looks great with every skin tone. It varies in color from light pink to peach, lavender, and even fuchsia. The Morganite has unique powers that bring calm and love to the wearer.

4. The Opal

Each opal is like a snowflake or fingerprint, there are no two the same. This precious stone supports creative dreams and promotes status.

It portrays many colors. You can choose one that has specks of blues and greens or one that has flashes of red, orange, and yellow.

5. Rubies

Ruby is one of the names for precious stones and is very appealing to the eye. The most common is the Pigeon Blood Ruby.

It’s known for its dark red color. It is debated whether the gem is named after freshly spilled pigeon blood or if it reflects the color of their eyes.

The Ruby gives the wearer strength and positive energy, just as the sun gives to the earth. Although the ruby is known for its red color some have more blue and purple hues and some have more orange and yellow tints.

If you are looking for something eye-catching with bright colors or if you want something subtle, we can help. Visit the store and we will help you select the perfect gemstone. familiarize yourself with the names for precious stones.

Now You Know More about Names for Precious Stones

There are many precious gems that would look amazing as jewelry. Consider what you are looking for in life too. The stone can help promote your wants and desires.

We hope you were not only able to learn the names for precious stones but also enjoy them in the near future. Check out our page for more articles, tips, and tricks.

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