6 Tips to Buy Perfume Refills That Are Rarely Noticed, Must Know!


Buying perfume refills can be said to be not too easy because it is difficult to measure the standard of the manual manufacturing process. But for some, the relatively high price of original perfume makes refill perfume a reasonable solution.

Because many people want cheap Perfumes prices with satisfactory refill quality. To buy perfume refill can not be arbitrary, because it is quite difficult. Therefore, you must listen to the following review to the end. The following are tips for choosing a refill perfume that is rarely known by many people. Listen!

  1. Ask the seller

Much to the seller about the mixture used. After that try to find information about the ingredients mentioned. If the material is not safe for health then never use the product.

To be more careful if the ingredients mentioned by the seller are safe then try to use it on the arm. If you feel uncomfortable such as itching or a bit hot, then stop using it even though the seller says the ingredients are not harmful to the body.

  1. Trying a new scent

Never limit yourself to trying new fragrances. Because most people will always use perfume with the same scent and not try another scent.

It’s okay for you to like and match one scent but it never hurts to try with a slightly different scent. Maybe the scent suits you better than the previous one.

  1. Buy small size

Instead, when you have determined the type of perfume to be purchased, then try to buy a small size first. It is better if you choose a package that can be opened easily. Because if you have a size that is too large and one day you feel bored with the aroma, you will rarely use it again.

So it is possible that the perfume will be damaged because it has a time limit. Usually a damaged perfume will change its aroma and color as well. So, make sure to buy the small size first, OK!

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