5 Benefits of a Giveaway Contest


As the economy roars back to life and shoppers begin to dip into their wallets once more, you might be strategizing on how best to capitalize. In sunny economic climes, it is important to stand out from the crowd if you want to engage your target customers. For this, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or invest in some high-tech digital marketing campaign.

Rather, it is best to remember that the simplest approaches are often the most effective. This is why it’s always a good idea to launch a giveaway contest for your valued customers. Here are the top reasons why contests and giveaways will benefit your brand.

1. Showcase Your Very Best

When choosing company giveaway products, remember that this is an opportunity to show customers the very best of what you offer. For example, check out this product hamper at canadianfreestuff.com, which features luxury products worth hundreds of dollars. When giveaway winners get to experience your top-shelf products, they are much likely to come back for more.

2. Undercut the Competition

One of the beautiful things about product launch giveaways is that they are great at undercutting your competition and capturing a better market share virtually overnight. After all, why would anyone pay your competition when they can get it from you for free? You can use your giveaway to capture these customers from the competition and convert them into paying, loyal visitors.

3. Make a Good Impression

If you are a new business, a product giveaway can be a hugely effective way of announcing your entrance as the new kid on the block and making a good impression. A giveaway is a perfect PR exercise, simply because of the age-old adage that people love free stuff and will go to surprising lengths to get it. A giveaway should be considered an essential startup cost, as it has been consistently proven to be hugely effective at raising brand awareness for new companies.

4. Reward Loyalty with a Giveaway Contest

One of the time-honored giveaway contest ideas that are always worth a shot is a loyalty giveaway. This is a giveaway that is specifically aimed at your most loyal customers, often gleaned from purchase rolls or email newsletters. The aim is to create a sense of exclusivity and show your most faithful customers that you are thinking of them and want to say thank you. This kind of goodwill can be a massive boon for your business that will pay dividends for years.

5. Know Your Audience Better

Finally, don’t forget about the insights that you can glean from a giveaway. By running a giveaway, you can guarantee that customers will come and give you an idea of the kind of products that they want. This can help you tweak your product offerings and fine-tune your future marketing strategies so that they are more impact-focused.

Shopping Fit for 2021

A giveaway contest is just one way to encourage shoppers to visit your store. For more shopping inspiration and tips, you have come to the right place. Make sure to consult our dedicated Shopping guides to learn more.

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