Your Natural Lashes are Key to Your Extensions’ Success


Women everywhere are discovering the wonderful benefits that eyelash extensions can provide, and information about these amazing beauty enhancements is more widespread than ever. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of available information can sometimes make it difficult for women to find reliable answers to some of their most basic questions about extensions, leading to unrealistic expectations and false assumptions. One of the most common areas of confusion has to do with how your natural lashes impact the success of any lash extension application.

To better understand this phenomenon, it’s important to understand how lashes differ from person to person. Generally, there are just a few key characteristics that determine how your natural lashes look, and how well they can support different extension options. Let’s review:

Thickness and Volume

Most of you already understand that your lashes are different than everyone else’s. For example, yours may be thinner or thicker, and may be either sparse or rather dense in volume. Those characteristics can play a major role in determining your natural lashes’ ability to support different extension lengths and weights. Thin, weak natural lashes may be prone to greater lash loss if they’re unable to handle that added weight.


Do you have straight, lifeless lashes? Well, that’s another issue that your lash stylist will have to take into consideration. While people with straight lashes can benefit from extensions, they are typically unable to use the more dramatically curled extension options. Instead, you may have to opt for a gentler curl that is closer in shape to your straight lashes. Anything more extreme could impact the overall look and durability of your extension application.


Just as you need healthy hair for certain hair styles, you need healthy lashes to support your extensions. Some people are forced to deal with weak, unhealthy lashes that struggle to remain in place. If you’re thinking about lash extensions but are worried about the health of your natural lashes, it may be wise to focus on things that you can do to make them healthier. Diet, various lash serums, and other solutions are available to help with that challenge.

Talk to Your Lash Artist

Perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing many women from enjoying all the benefits of lash extensions is their reluctance to consult with professionals who can help them determine their best options. Your lash artist can talk you through any lash-related concerns and recommend extensions that will best meet your desired goals – without posing a risk to your natural lashes. That’s the best way to ensure that the lashes you choose are ultimately the ones you need.

Women who don’t consider these issues sometimes end up disappointed with the results they get from their lash salon. At times, their disappointment flows from unrealistic expectations. At other times, it’s because they simply ignored professional advice because their hearts were set on the wrong type of extensions. By better understanding your natural lashes and their important role in any successful extension application, you can ensure that you always get the best lash extensions in New York City.

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