Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold for Engagement Rings: A Guide


If you’re about to join the over 2 million married couples across the US, congratulations! It’s one of the most exciting times of your life. However, you’ll need to get through the proposal before you can look forward to your future.

Deciding on the right ring is essential for a good proposal. Read on to learn whether yellow gold vs rose gold is the right choice for your loved one.

The Basics of Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold

Yellow gold is what you likely think of when you think about this precious metal. It’s gold in its purest form. Because pure yellow gold is so soft, it’s combined with other metals like silver and copper to give it some durability.

The yellow sheen of this metal is appealing to many people because of its status. People think of yellow gold as luxurious, expensive, and appealing. However, rose gold has become even more popular in recent years as an alternative to yellow gold.

Rose gold has a timeless pink sheen that’s made to look romantic and soft. Its hue comes from the amount of copper added to the metal- it’s much more than you would add to yellow gold.

Additionally, copper is the only alloy metal added to pure gold in order to create this color. In this way, it can often be even purer than yellow gold. Rose gold is one of the best engagement ring trends in 2022- just ask LondonGold!

Durability and Purity

While yellow gold is often hailed as ‘pure,’ jewelry made from it has a lot of alloy metals. It isn’t just silver and copper- zinc and even bronze are also fair game. Because of this, rose gold is the way to go if you want something that contains fewer alloy types.

Rose gold is also a more durable alternative because of copper’s resilience. It’s a great choice if you want a ring that will last a lifetime, just as your partnership will.

Consider Her Tastes

One of the main factors when choosing types of gold for your engagement ring needs to be your partner’s taste. While some people love the classiness of yellow gold, others think it looks gaudy. This makes sense for people who prefer subtler colors and smaller statements.

Rose gold is ideal for those who like something gorgeous but less loud. It also goes well with warmer wardrobes. If your partner wears a lot of reds and pinks, rose gold will match perfectly.

Women with cooler wardrobes often like yellow gold. It contrasts with their outfits nicely but doesn’t clash. Make sure that you’re observant and get something that will match.

Plan Your Perfect Proposal

Now that you know whether a yellow gold vs rose gold engagement ring is right for your partner, it’s time to learn more. Look into gemstones, cuts, band styles, and beyond. Check out the ‘jewelry’ tab on our home page for more information on engagement rings and other matching pieces.

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