Diamonds are sparkly, elegant, and beautiful. And you might have heard about the buzz of lab created diamonds. Now, it might be perplexing whether to go with a mined diamond or a lab-created diamond. Let’s understand why it is a better choice.

As lab-grown diamonds are cent percent real, and are equally beautiful & gorgeous as mined diamonds. They also have several other benefits than mined diamonds. Added benefits include financial & ethical interests.

Most lab grown diamonds are made from graphite, but a few companies make them from carbon. One Russian company is making a diamond from human or animal hair. A yellow diamond can run as high as $17,000, but you can be sure if you buy one of these labs created diamonds it will be as unique as your child. The company also makes diamonds from the fur of your favorite pet.

Lab grown diamonds are beautiful 

Whenever we hear about lab created diamonds, we think they are artificial and of low quality, but they are identical to mined diamonds chemically, physically, and visually. The only difference between them is how they are created, one is formed in the earth while the other is grown in a lab at the same temperature and setting. Scientists can also control the shape, color, and quality of a diamond. So, lab created diamonds are not only real but also serve to be of higher quality than mined diamonds.

So, the question arises, do they look the same?

There is no difference in the look of a lab created diamond and mined diamond. High-quality lab diamonds and mined diamonds look alike, but low-quality lab diamonds may include having few inclusions, which mined diamonds don’t have. Even they both can have different shapes, colors, sizes, and cuts.

Lab created diamonds are affordable 

Affordability is another reason why lab created diamonds are better. On average lab-grown diamonds are 20-30% affordable than mined diamonds. You can save money, or at the exact cost, you can opt for a bigger and higher quality of lab grown diamond. Though developing lab diamonds requires a lot of expensive materials, also people involved in developing them are few compared to mined diamonds, yet they are affordable and are of a better choice.

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Lab grown are more ethical

Lab created diamonds are beautiful, real, affordable, and here’s one more advantage they are ethical too.

Any type of mining always takes a toll on the environment. Mining always requires an immense amount of energy. Then, it can also cause things like soil erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem destruction. On the other hand, creating a diamond in a lab requires less energy than mining a diamond. And lab created diamonds never cause damage to the ecosystem. So lab created diamonds are, essentially, much more eco-friendly than mined diamonds.

Perhaps, mined diamonds are not always ethical, and you probably might have heard about blood diamonds. So, lab created diamonds are a better choice.

Lab grown diamonds are more sustainable

Creating diamonds in a lab takes a few weeks and is more sustainable. On the other hand, after digging up almost lac tons of stones, mined diamonds are found. Scientists use common elements to develop them, which makes them faster and easier to grow.

Grading and certification

One should choose for GCAL or IGI Certification for lab created diamonds. For natural diamonds, GIA certification is the best.

Are lab diamonds flawless?

Generally, they are not, as they are like natural diamonds only, so they also have inclusions (birthmark) in them.

Thus, shifting towards lab created diamonds is a wiser choice, as they are better, affordable, ethical, beautiful, and are the same as mined diamonds.

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