Whole Family Gift Ideas For The Holidays


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it couldn’t have come at such a timing. All the world now needs a little cheering up amidst the issues of pandemic, uncertain vaccine news, political unrest, recession, the natural calamities and the overall gloom and doom mood. Whether you are gifting someone else’ or yours, this guide on whole family gift ideas can surely help spark the joy of giving for this season. 

For this, we have specially rounded up some affordable ones, old favorites and some DIY. How can you give some love this Christmas? Let us show you how.

  • Board Games

This invokes childhood days way before the internet came into the scene. Now, the whole market is brimming with board games. And just in time! This may be one of the sure deals to have the whole family set aside their electronic gadgets away and bond over popcorn. Here are three of our favorite gems that are simple enough that even younger children can participate.

  • Jenga

Jenga puts the j in jingle! Just put the blocks together in threes, stack them all together and take turns taking out one block at a time without tumbling the whole thing. Did you know? Jenga was a brainchild of Leslie Scott. Her family made up the game way back in the 1970s in Ghana.

  • Bananagrams

It’s like scrabble but without the board! The only rule is to finish off every tile from your hand. First one to do so wins.

  • Food or Coupons for Takeaway

What is Christmas without the juicy ham or the nutty fruitcake? Surprise your family with one or two of these (or more) with the table set for Christmas. You may opt to bake them yourself or buy from a local vendor. It’s a win win: your family gets happy and the seller is, too. You can even gift another family with a coupon of their own. 

  • A cute mini garden kit

No such thing as a black/green thumb for the family. Plant some herbs or flowers together and watch them grow. Plus points if the plants grow well into a sustainable produce for all of the family to enjoy. But if these plants die –ah, well, at least you did things together, right?

  • Something Personalized for the Whole Family

This may be a framed photograph, a family candle holder or lamp. It’s simple and everyone gets recognized. Plus points for a wacky version along with the smiling family portrait. Just grab a camera phone and start clicking away. 

The candle holder or lamp can be engraved with your names in it, along with your personalized message. Cute and useful! Double win for sure! 

It doesn’t take a lot of gifts or expensive things to do or buy to make this holiday bright. Take your pick from these Christmas gift ideas. Remember, though it’s the thought that counts, doing together is even better! 

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