By Megan Smith

Ok, so our first blog, posted on the Drip4Men™ website, discussed how an URBAN MAN dresses. This is important, as first impressions are primarily superficial, i.e., WHAT you look like. This is reality.

Now let’s talk about WHO an URBAN MAN really is. Here are just a few URBAN MAN qualities:

  • The URBAN MAN has a goal. He has a vision and is tenacious in achieving that goal. Of course, this does not mean that your goal can be the world’s most popular rapper and Formula 1 driver at the same time, especially if you are tone deaf, have no musical skills other than listening to your favorite tunes, and have had 3 accidents with your car in the past year. If this is the case, pick a goal that is achievable. The old saying, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right” is true, but let’s be honest. In today’s world, too many kids are brought up to believe in a dream. That is why it’s called a dream. That being said, take the RED PILL. Pick a realistic goal that you believe you can achieve, and you will succeed if you are persistent, determined, educate yourself on all aspects of your goal, learn, train, and practice, practice, practice.


  • The URBAN MAN takes pride in being honest and has integrity. No need to lie, be deceptive, or have ulterior motives, either at work or at play. The URBAN MAN is proud of his beliefs, is proud of who he is, and what he is achieving. He lives each day without having to second guess or question what he did, with what he said, for both personal and business dealings. He holds his head high. And if he does something wrong, he swallows his pride, admits his fault, apologizes, and moves on.
  • The URBAN MAN is a gentleman. No need to use foul language, be loud, be impolite, be threatening, or treat anyone as a subordinate. The URBAN MAN holds the door open for his special lady, or for anyone nearby. The URBAN MAN is kind and considerate to people, animals, and the environment.
  • The URBAN MAN has a priority in keeping fit mentally and physically. He has positive thoughts, does not wish harm or bad luck on anyone, has a positive mindset despite the many obstacles life may throw his way. Part of keeping fit is exercising, being active, and having a good diet. And having friends with similar goals and beliefs. The URBAN MAN has no time for nonsense. The URBAN MAN learns from the past, and always looks forward. The URBAN MAN believes in a bright future and works towards it.
  • The URBAN MAN seeks knowledge. There is no end to learning new skills, or learning about the meaning of life, our purpose in life, or his role in life.
  • The URBAN MAN spends his money wisely. No need for showing off with fancy brand name label garments or bottles of Cristal at the club. Is money important? Absolutely. But he takes care of his family and loved ones first. And saves for his and his family’s future. And still looks good. And feels good.

These are just but a few of the qualities and characteristics of the 2020 URBAN MAN.

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