What Is Soap Flower Bouquet?



Bath soap has a lot of functions, not only as a soap but bath soap we can also use as home decoration. Bath soap has a fragrant smell so it is very suitable for making handicrafts such as flowers, or drawing other shapes. Soap is also considered suitable as a souvenir because of its shape and color which resembles a flower. You can also use it to decorate, air freshener, as well as souvenirs or gifts.

There are several strong reasons why soap is one of the ingredients for handicrafts. Soap can be molded easily and has a pleasant fragrance. You can easily get it anywhere at an affordable price.

A Soap Flower

Soap flower is made from 100% soap and has a very mild soapy scent. Soap flowers are artificial flowers so they last a long time. Soap flowers have a variety of colors, shapes, and carvings that can be adapted to real flowers. But even though they are the same as real flowers, soap flowers are not easily broken or torn. While not as luxurious as preserved flowers, soap flowers are just as beautiful and perfect for parental gifts, wedding gifts, bouquets, and home decor.

Unlike real flowers, there is no season to buy a bouquet of soap flowers. You don’t have to wait months to get beautiful roses. A rose-shaped soap flower bouquet will always be available for you.

How to Make Soap Flowers

Interested in making this unique bar soap creation? You can make it yourself at home. First, prepare the ingredients in advance. You need to prepare bath soap, tapioca flour or cornstarch, dye, grated coconut or cheese, and a flower pot bowl. Second, the soap is grated with grated coconut. Put the grated in a bowl, mix the flour into the bowl and mix well, don’t forget to add a little water. The dough is divided into two: one is given green dye and the other is given red dye. Prepare chopsticks for the handle. Take a little red dough and place it on the end of the chopsticks then shape it like a flower. Wrap the stalk with green dough and don’t forget to shape it like a leaf. Keep doing it until there is no dough left. After the dough is finished then leave it until the dough is dry. If it is dry then the flower can be used as a decoration.

How to Care for Soap Flowers

Soap flowers are quite easy to care for. We just need to avoid contact with water, unless you really intend to use the soap. Also, keep soap flowers out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can make the color fade and the texture becomes brittle. Gently brush if any dust has accumulated on the lower layers.

Advantages of Soap Flower Bouquet

Soap flowers are more durable than other types of flower-shaped crafts. Soap flowers are a great decoration for a room. There are various colors and shapes so that they can be adjusted to the needs of your room or room.

Although soap flowers are not always used for bathing, soap flowers can indeed be used for bathing and are considered to have quality. Add a flower or two to warm water for a nice smell. Finally, soap flowers are considered to have a cost that is not too expensive and unique.

Soap Flower Bouquet as a Gift for Mother’s Day

Women’s rights champion and writer Julia Ward Howe first suggested the idea of ​​Mother’s Day in the United States in 1872. Howe was a pacifist and saw the holiday as an opportunity to unite women and promote peace. For several years, she held the annual Mother’s Day meeting in Boston. It is West Virginia activist Anna Jarvis who is credited with creating the Mother’s Day holiday that is celebrated to this day.

In 1908, Jarvis campaigned for a national holiday commemoration in honor of his mother, who was a public health advocate. His mother has hosted several Mother’s Day Work Clubs that address parenting and public health issues, and Jarvis would like to remember her and the work of all mothers. However, Jarvis later became disillusioned with how flower and greeting card companies commercialized the holiday and said he regretted starting it.

Mother’s Day tradition is to send cards and give gifts or flowers. One of the gift recommendations that you can give is a soap flower bouquet. So a soap flower bouquet can be the right choice as a Mother’s Day Gift Singapore. Add a warm and memorable greeting card. You can express gratitude, apologies, or gratitude.

You can easily get soap flowers at online flower shops. Choose a complete and quality online flower shop so that the quality of the soap flower bouquet you get will be guaranteed.

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