What is a Tapestry and ways to use it?


What Is Tapestry?

A tapestry is a woven cloth with a picture on it. Tapestries tell a story and the pictorial design on the fabric depicts every role and character in a story. Though pictured cloth or wall hanging blankets are available in the market, a tapestry is a different story. The warmth and the vibe in the tapestry cannot be matched with any other cloth hanging. 

Girls tagged with the name ‘ Tapestry Girls” know the real value and essence behind tapestries. Anyone in love with history, pictures, and decoration can use tapestry.

6 Brilliant Tapestry Girl Ways To Use Wall Tapestry

  • Ceiling Tapestry

Using a tapestry to hang from the ceiling can make your room look vibrant. The chic design tapestry will make the room look more spacious. Bohemian tapestries are the perfect apt for ceilings. They add positive energy and good vibes to your surroundings.

  • Headboard

The headboard is a very pleasant place to hang your tapestry. Every time to wake-up, you will see a beautiful design that creates a peaceful impact in your mind and enlightens your day. Add a unique look to your bed and bedroom.

  • Pillow

Tapestry headboard and tapestry pillow together make a deadly combination. The catchy designs on the pillow and the peaceful look on the headboard add elegance to the room. Light-colored tapestries will serve best as pillows. 

  • Wallpaper

Without investing in expensive paintings for your wall tapestries can be used as wallpapers. The tapestry comes at low rates when compared with paintings they can be helpful to meet your budget. Once the painting is done it’s done forever and you can’t change it whenever you like. But tapestries as wallpapers can be changed whenever you want to.

  • Curtains

This is the most important place for your tapestries. Curtains add warmth to your home and the tapestry curtains add style to your room. You don’t need to do any DIY to convert tapestries into curtains. Tapestry curtains are readily available at pretty good prices. 

  • Photoshoots

Tapestries will serve the best for photo shoots

Beach Blanket, using tapestry to click pictures on the beach is a wonderful idea. As tapestries are available with different patterns, gets one matching your suit and click super cool pictures on a hot beach. 

PS: Tapestry headboard, bedspread, pillow, and curtains bring the aesthetic field to your room. If you are someone who loves a study quite make sure you try this combination.

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