What Is a Statement Ring? A Handy Guide for Women



If you’re trying to elevate your style, then you need to add some bling to your fingers with a statement ring. Are you wondering, “What is a statement ring?” It’s the trendiest way to make a mark with your daily fashion choices.

Read on to find a handy guide for fashion statement rings!

Know the History of Vintage Statement Rings

Statement rings aren’t just a modern trend. Going back to the days of the Vikings, anyone from royalty to skilled professionals would wear wings to show their value to society.

The more well-respected you were, the flashier the ring. Besides, lower-class workers needed simple rings that wouldn’t be a magnet for dirt and grime when they were working.

And in the past century, statement rings gained traction during the 1920s. Gemstones, including rubies and topaz, were a way for women to show a sense of flair and independence. And as the decades progressed, rings became a more mainstream fashion choice for women.

What Is a Statement Ring? A Fashion Staple!

You can think of a statement ring as a way to elevate the rest of your attire. Statement rings often feature gems with a setting made of gold. Going with an 18k gold setting is best if you want your setting to last.

As a general rule, white gold tends to look better if you have a cooler complexion, while yellow gold pairs well with a warmer complexion. Similarly, if you have longer fingers, you’ll have the real estate to wear a bigger gemstone.

While this is the norm for statement rings, it’s not the only way to go. Wood and recycled materials also can serve as settings for a personal statement ring.

And as long as you wear your ring with confidence, you’ll rock the look. In short, there are no rules with the statement ring trend!

Learn How to Wear a Personal Statement Ring

How you wear a personal statement ring is up to you. Think about your favorite colors and the style eras you connect with most. You can go with funky colorful rings to express a vibrant personality or help your confidence.

Or you can go with a personalized ring featuring your initials or a design motif. You’ll always have an instant reminder of your values when you notice the sparkling ring on your finger.

You can wear a single statement ring with a large opal setting to accompany a black dress at your next holiday party. For a bolder look, you can double up on rings on each hand and mix and match textures. Check out www.DreamlandJewelry.com to find some of the trendiest statement rings available!

Find the Best Fashion Statement Rings

Still wondering, “What is a statement ring?” The exciting news is that statement rings can take on any style — and you can wear as many as you want. From big and bold to simple and ornate, fashion statement rings are yours to choose.

For more fashion advice, check back for new and informative articles!

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