What Careers Require Bulletproof Clothing?


In the US, 316 people are shot every day. It’s a frightening statistic.

Although you may not be at much risk going to the grocery store or working in an office, there are some workers who actually are at risk. Every day, they have to take precautions against gun violence because their jobs are dangerous.

One of these precautions includes bulletproof clothing.

Wondering which careers require bulletproof clothing? Read on to find out.

The Police

Police officers are, perhaps, the most obvious job that requires bulletproof clothing.

The police are there to respond to crime, which can often involve guns. They also can get into disputes with people who may have a weapon on them, so body armor is pretty necessary!

Bulletproof clothing has saved the lives of many police officers.


Security in a store or other place should at least wear a bulletproof vest, as they may also come up against guns.

Occasionally, someone will be caught stealing that reacts badly and draws their weapon. Or, there may be a dispute inside the store or in the parking lot where security is forced to intervene.

They need to be protected when they do.

Gun Range Workers

Those who work at a gun range should be as safe as possible. People need to hand over their IDs to use a gun, usually, and it’s supposed to be a controlled environment where no one is at risk.

Unfortunately, in a place with bullets flying, no one is truly risk-free. Gun range workers should wear bulletproof clothing because a stray bullet might come flying, or there might be an accident where someone doesn’t have good trigger discipline.

There’s always the possibility of a deliberate violent action too, since it’s so easy to access guns there.

Bank Workers

Although working in a bank may seem like a boring day-to-day job where no action happens, think of the people who are desperate for money!

Bank workers will often wear protective clothing to guard themselves against a robbery. Click here for bulletproof clothing that could be useful.


Sometimes, paramedics will also wear bulletproof clothing.

This is because they might be quick on a scene after something violent has happened. They could be tending to someone who was shot before the shooter has been apprehended, or there might be multiple guns on the scene if it was a big dispute.

It’s very important for paramedics to be protected so they can be safe and focus on their work.

Bulletproof Clothing Is Important

Bulletproof clothing is very important in a wide range of careers. Some are obvious, and some aren’t! While the police and security should wear it because there are clear ways as to how they might get shot, paramedics, bank workers, and many other professions should also take care.

If in doubt, bulletproof clothing can never hurt. It can only protect you if the worst were to happen.

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