What Are the Different Types of Knitting That Exist Today?


Did you know that only 14% of Americans can knit?

Even though everyone wears knitted goods at some point, very few of us actually understand how to create these garments. Whether you already know this skill or you’re looking to pick up your needles for the first time, knowing the different stitches is a great place to start.

Don’t make the mistake of trying the most complicated stitch first, instead learn about the different types and take your pick from the more straightforward styles of knitting to begin with.

If you’re wondering about the different types of knitting, you’ve come to the right place. Although there are hundreds of potential stitches for you to learn, we’ll detail some of the most popular types that are best for all skill levels.

Read on to find out more.

Knit Stitch

The most basic type of knitting and the best for every beginner is knit stitch. It creates a uniform look in which every stitch resembles the letter ‘v.’ This stitch is best for making simple items such as scarves and really helps any beginner grasp the fundamentals of knitting.

Once you’ve got the hang of knit stitch, don’t be afraid to move on to more complex patterns.

Basketweave Stitch

Basketweave stitch is one of the more fun stitches to do as an intermediate knitter. The stitch is aptly named as it resembles the outside of a woven basket; the threads mesh together in woven squares.

This stitch is perfect for pillowcases, pouches, bags, and more.

Raspberry Stitch

The raspberry stitch is one of the advanced stitches you’ll learn if you have a sewing hobby. It’s one of the knitting patterns that is so neat it looks like it’s been sewn (but only when done right!)

It’s used to add a 3D effect to clothes, scarves, and blankets. To master the raspberry stitch, you repeat the same four stitches along three lines – it is more repetitive than other stitches, but anyone that knits knows that repetition is inevitable!

Fair Isle

The Fair Isle style of knitting is one of the main stitches used in the apparel industry. Rather than the design of the stitch itself, these knitting patterns focus on incorporating colors into the pattern.

It isn’t too much more complicated than standard knitting but can produce a gorgeous product such as this inside out Fairisle sweater.

For Fair Isle knitting, you only use two colors per round, and you keep both balls of yarn attached at all times.

The Main Types of Knitting Explained

That’s everything you need to know about the types of knitting to get you started on your knitting journey. Knitting is a fulfilling hobby, and there are always ways to improve your skills, so start with the easy stitches and progress through the ranks until you’re a true knitting connoisseur!

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