What are the benefits of choosing a Tungsten ring?


Choosing a wedding ring is just as important as selecting a trustworthy life partner, as it is a symbol of love, and it should last forever. There are various materials (gold, platinum silver, etc.), but tungsten is increasingly rising these days: meeting different styles and budgets. We will show you everything you need to know about Tungsten, one of the most precious metals, so that you can find your perfect ring and harmonize it with all the accessories.

Why choose tungsten?

Tungsten is the hardest metal on the planet because it is a material with different physical properties. It is robust, grayish-white in color, and has the highest melting point of all metals. It is the only metal that has a shine considered permanent. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option than conventional materials and that will shine with your simple and elegant wedding decor, tungsten Intellirings may be the best choice. This alliance combines with grooms who do not care for traditions and seek authentic options. If you are looking for different wedding favors to surprise your guests, Tungsten is ideal.

What are the benefits?

Tungsten Carbide is a stainless alloy that does not crumple, hardly scratches and does not need to be constantly polished. Physically, it is heavier than other alloys and has a strong shine almost like a mirror. Another great advantage is the one that reflects in the pocket. It is much more economical than gold, as well as not tarnish, darken or scratch. You have probably found that the final bill of expenses to organize an engagement event is high. So you must be looking for economic options. This is where you can considerably lower the values ​​that involve marriage.

Tungsten vs other metals

Its structure has approximately 10 times more “strength” than 18K gold and is 2 times brighter than gold. It is truly a jewel for life, because it is unlikely to suffer wear and tear. Besides, it is 4 times harder than titanium, 5 times harder than the steel. The ring is just like your love, it is for life. So it deserves all the attention when choosing the best option and consider that it must match perfectly with the style chosen for your wedding dress. After knowing the tips, just wait for the moment to put the ring on his/her finger and go to the dance floor to dance.

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