What are some good and cheap sportswear manufacturers to choose in Europe?


Europe is one of the world’s largest market for sportswear clothing and accessories, there are many European sportswear manufacturers or suppliers to choose in 2021. What are them and which one is more reliable, fast and cheaper to choose? If your company or eCommerce site is involved in the sportswear business, then you can find a good sportswear manufacturer for the European market in this post.

Reasons to Sell Sportswear in Europe

Sportswear is a growing market in the European apparel industry. The demand for sportswear has significantly increased over the past few years in the EU. Health and fitness activities are one of the most common activities performed all over the world. People need sportswear clothing and accessories to take part in such activities. Sportswear clothing manufacturers in Europe have a promising future in this industry, and there are a lot of opportunities to grow. Don’t lag, get ahead of the game and connect with the top sportswear manufacturers from Europe in the article here.

Sports Clothing Manufacturers from Europe

Sourcing the best sportswear manufacturers or suppliers in Europe can be a hectic task. But, you still have a list of methods to find out the real European sportswear manufacturers. They are as the following.

  1. Search on Google with keywords “sportswear manufacturers Europe”.
  2. Post in Quora.com or Reddit.com to see if anyone can reply to you with a good European sportswear wholesale manufacturer.
  3. Browse on the social media platforms with keywords “sportswear manufacturers Europe” or sportswear manufacturers+ country”.
  4. Find sportswear manufacturers in Europe from the B2B directories such as europages.co.uk.
  5. Attend trade shows in Europe to find a European sportswear manufacturer or supplier.

I have done the search and find you some good sportswear manufacturers in the EU, here is a list to check.


This is the UK sportswear manufacturer I must recommend you. Established in 1997, it has worked with over 200+ global sportswear brands. It’s a bespoke sportswear manufacturer supplier, their major market in the United Kingdom, but they do support customers from all over the world. Their factories can be found in China, Vietnam, Korea, Sri Lanka, Portugal, and Lithuania.

They can offer all types of sportswear manufacturing, including Ski – Outdoor – Marine – Golf – Fitness – Gym – Run – Cycle – Triathlon – Combat – Equestrian – Football – Swim – Athleisure –  Polo – Surf – Workwear, and wearable tech. 2 of their features are the sustainable sportswear and the Meriol Wool sportswear.

Their services include brand creation, logo, trims, product design, prototypes, sales samples, production, shipping, web design, and marketing support that includes social media, photoshoots, and films.


This sportswear manufacturer supplies skating-, cycling-, triathlon-, rugby-, gym- and running brands with customized apparel. Their team of product designers is also able to develop your specific garments based on just sketches or a rough idea. They can set-up a (video)call with your team to find out the specific needs for your brand. The approximate development time (from idea to final product is about 1 – 2 months, depending on the complexity of the product and the availability of the fabric and trims)

Their headquarters is in RIGA, LATVIA. LATVIA is an EU Member State. Currency: EURO. There are no import duties if you buy from us and buy from Europe as a VAT registered customer. Using their latest tools, you or your customer can design his/her design directly on the product pattern. Their system generates the print-file automatically. This means a huge time saver for your design staff, as well as excludes the changes for human errors.

They have a Minimum Order Quantity of just 1 piece, produced in less than 2.5 weeks!


Berunwear.com isn’t manufacturing sportswear in the EU, but I still recommend this sportswear manufacturer in this post, because Berunwear is a clothing manufacturer and factory performing very well in quality, price, and delivery speed.

First of all, Berunwear is a Chinese sportswear manufacturer B2B site. Its factory is in China, their staff and workers are all in China as well, so the manufacturing cost, human labor cost, and material cost will be much cheaper than the European manufacturers.

Secondly, clothing is one of the traditional industries of China, there are a huge number of apparel manufacturers or factories in this country, to compete with others, Berunwear has to offer better quality and the most trendy sports wear. But in the EU, you can’t find many clothing factories, even some of the sportswear suppliers are buying from the Chinese clothing factories in fact.

Lastly, many of you are worrying about the delivery time for overseas shipping and the Tax or Duty issue. Yes, they are the major disadvantages of Chinese sportswear manufacturers, but with the fast-developing global transportation of China and the experience of exporting sportswear for over 15+ years, Berunwear can deliver your wholesale sportswear order in 1 week with Custom Clearance.

Custom Sportswear Manufacturer and Wholesale Sportswear Manufacturer: Berunwear

Berunwear supports customization and wholesale, as a professional sportswear manufacturer, it has a large-scale factory to accept big and small orders, it also has a 10 personal’s designer team for custom-made service, you only need to tell them your idea or show them a photo, then they will design your own trendy sportswear clothing. Berunwear not only designs the clothes, but it can also custom-made private labels, hangtags, and packaging polybag or boxes if that’s your need too. They can print your logo and brand to the clothing or the labels to help you promote your brand.

Berunwear has the lowest MOQ for wholesale order and customization order, 10 pieces to wholesale, 50 pieces for customizing, they can deliver your wholesale order within 3 weeks, from the designing to sample making to batch order delivery. Isn’t that better than a pricey European sportswear supplier?

If you want to use their great sportswear customization and manufacturing service, just email sales@berunwear.com, you will get the best customer service with fluent English!

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