Tips So Beginners Can Be Good at Shooting


Do you like shooting sports, but are still a newbie? But it’s not only you who are newbies or beginners who are not good at shooting, there are also many people who have studied for years but are not yet proficient in shooting. But don’t worry, you just need to follow these tips so that beginners like you can be proficient in shooting sports. Visit here if you need gun item.

On this occasion, Lieutenant Colonel James Siagian, who is the best soldier in the shooting sport as Sesko Force, will provide tips for telling you to be proficient in shooting. There are a few steps and things you need to know to do before you start shooting.

As a first step, you must first adapt to the sound of the explosion. Many beginners are still often shocked when they hear gunshots. This will interfere with your concentration in shooting so that you miss even though you have aimed well.

“First of all, if we are still new to weapons, we need an introduction. We often practice, so we are not surprised by explosions, the pounding of weapons, we will adjust first,” said James, the former commander of KRI Sultan Nuku-373.

Second, in addition to adjusting to the environment (the sound of gunshots), you also have to start adjusting to the weapons that you will use later. You have to find a comfortable grip on the weapon you are using, try to find that comfortable position well and quickly.

“Then the adjustment to the gun or weapon, how we hold it is comfortable, so it takes time to adapt to the weapon,” added the soldier who graduated from AAL in 1996.

After the two initial stages, then you begin to enter the more difficult stages. Many people, even though they have adapted to the environment and weapons, are still not good at shooting. This is because the way to pull the trigger or trigger is not good. Generally when you get a shot and then you shoot, the shot shifts as you pull the trigger so your shot misses.

“After that it escalated to techniques. For beginners the right technique is that he learns to pull the trigger without moving the gun. Pulling the trigger, but the gun doesn’t move, that’s what needs to be learned,” added James.

To be able to pull the trigger properly you have to train your index finger so that when you pull the trigger (shoot), the weapon or gun you are using does not move, so that your shot does not change. You have to train your index finger to move independently in order to shoot well. Practice as best you can so that when your index finger presses the trigger, the psychomotor muscles of your hand or other finger don’t move.

“So indeed the index finger is independent, it moves on its own without affecting other muscles, it needs practice and learning, and it can’t be fast. Each person is different, there are those who adjust quickly, especially those who are young, so they can train their psychomotor muscles,” said James, who works as a staff at Seskoal.

Shooting really can’t be mastered in a short time. Need to hone skills with regular practice. “If marksmanship cannot be achieved in the near future. A week or a month, it doesn’t work. It is necessary to hone those skills, some take years, they need continuous practice,” he explained.

James added that if the military is forced to directly adapt to organic weapons, weapons that are owned by the military itself. But for athletes, he has to start with a small caliber. So the explosion and pounding is not too loud. After being able to adjust to a small caliber with a gentle beat, then you can move on to a large caliber. Our standard pistol is 9 millimeters. There is a small one, caliber 0.22 millimeters.

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