These are 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Men’s Watch


Choosing the right watch for a man is very important. Watches are not only tools for telling time but also accessories that can increase self-confidence. Many brands with designs, materials, colors and styles on offer. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to pay attention to tips on choosing the right men’s watch.

How to Choose the Right Men’s Watch

Choosing the material in detail and the selected strap or strap must also be considered when you want to buy a watch. Because, this will affect the comfort.

Choosing the wrong watch or strap material can cause irritation to the skin of the hands. The size of the wearer’s hand is also very important to consider so that the selected watch is proportional. Well, here are tips for choosing the right men’s watch that you must know!

1. Pay Attention to Style

The style or style of a man will determine what kind of watch model is right for use. To give the impression of elegance, the choice of watches with stainless material. If the wearer often wears long sleeves or a suit, choose a watch that is made of thin material. Material that is too thick will cause the part to bulge so that it is not neat.

Men who like a neat and formal style, monograph watches are very suitable. Classic and simple model watches are also suitable to wear. This model will add a professional impression when worn with work clothes.

Watches with leather straps or straps are suitable for men who have a casual style. Choose a colored strap that matches the shoes you are wearing to strengthen your appearance. For men who like fun and casual style, playful designs are best suited. Avoid using crowded colors so that the professional impression still radiates.

2. Adjust to Needs

Tips for choosing the next men’s watch is to adjust to your needs. To accompany activities in nature and sports, choose a watch made of rubber, water resistant and shock resistant . This type of watch is water and shock resistant.

As for formal events and giving the impression of being more elegant and professional, choose a classic model watch with stainless steel which is connected to a strap of the same material or made of leather. Avoid choosing watches with rubber bands and flashy colors.

3. Adjust to Hand Size

Watches that are too large give the impression of being relaxed and unprofessional. If it is too small, it is also unsightly so that it can damage the totality of the appearance.

The fit of the band circumference is very important because it relates to comfort. Do not let the size of the strap is too big so that it is too loose when worn. People who have thin hands should not wear a large watch.

4. Choose Made from Quality Materials

The quality of the watch material affects the comfort of the wearer. Watches made of quality materials are also more durable. Of course it also gives an exclusive impression on its use. The quality of the material is proportional to the price. Don’t be afraid to pay dearly if the product you buy is good.

5. Build Quality

Many people buy watches not only because they want to wear them, but as an investment. Limited edition watches are certainly priced at a price that is not cheap. But not a few people are willing to spend a lot of money to have it.

In order not to be disappointed, pay attention to every detail before paying. Check the strap or strap is good, the position of the needle, the watch body and the certificate if you buy a branded watch . Also pay attention to authenticity. Genuine watches are usually heavier than fake ones. The manufacture is also done with detail and attention to appearance and comfort.

6. Clockwork

The watch is powered by three types of machines. First quartz, this type is the most widely used. Watches with this type of machine are sold at affordable prices. But unfortunately, the battery used is less supportive so it quickly breaks and must be replaced.

The second type is a mechanical machine. Watches with this engine are usually owned by collectors who buy watches for display or storage. In order to run normally, the mechanical engine is equipped with a spring that must be connected.

7. Adjust the Strap

Pay attention to whether the leather used to make the strap is safe for the wearer. So is the size and quality. Do not choose a watch with a quality body but an ordinary strap. In addition to making the appearance of the watch less than optimal, it is also uncomfortable to wear. In addition, it is also not durable. The strap model must also match the watch body. You should buy that is the best choice for men.

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