The Versatility of Tissue: 4 Uses of Tissue Paper in Singapore


We all know the primary purpose of tissue – it’s the ideal solution for personal hygiene when going to the bathroom. It also helps clean other surfaces like tables, appliances, and electronics. But its versatility allows you to use a tissue to solve different problems. You’d be surprised to see how versatile it can be. Here are four other reasons to always have a tissue box from Singapore.

1. Use with Makeup Remover

Tissue is made to be very soft and gentle on any surface it touches, which makes it ideal for removing makeup. Take your makeup remover, pour it over your facial tissue from Singapore, and watch your makeup wipe away from your face without irritating your skin. You can also twist your tissue paper to create a point, then dip it into your makeup remover. You can use this to correct any mistakes you make while you put on your makeup.

2. Use as Temporary Wrappers

Tissue can protect small things from being damaged, such as earrings, necklaces, and other jewellery. You can wrap them in toilet paper from Singapore before storing them or bringing them around in your purse. Alternatively, you can use a tissue for trash, such as used gum, apple cores, or fruit seeds. You won’t always be near a trash can, but you can cover your trash with tissue to safely put it in your bag.

3. Put into Your Shoes

Have you ever dealt with uncomfortable shoes? They can be too big for your feet, or something inside it is pinching your foot terrible enough to risk blistering. In situations like these, you fold tissue paper from Singapore and stuff it in your shoe as a quick solution. You can cushion the painful part of your shoe for more comfort. If the shoes are too big, place a folded piece of tissue under your heel to compensate for the size.

4. Clean up Unexpected Spills in Your Car

Keeping a tissue box from Singapore inside your car’s glove compartment is a good idea. Many people have experienced incidents where they spill their drinks all over their car seats and have nothing on hand to clean up the mess. Always be ready for emergencies by keeping the tissue in your car and bag.

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