The Unique and Different Beard Styles Trending This Season


Did you know that the Egyptian royalty (both kings and queens) used a false beard that was made of metal and it was held in place by a ribbon tied over their heads? As we quickly approach “No Shave November” you might already be growing out your own beard. If you are looking for some inspiration on different beard styles, you are in the right place.

Keep reading for some of the most unique male grooming trends this season.

1. The Full Beard

We want to start out with a popular beard option that never goes out of style. This classic beard style can be sculpted and shaped with pretty much any face shape out there. It is important to keep up with your sideburns so that they do not become one with your beard.

Also, you want to make sure you are treating your beard right so that it stays looking its best. Make sure you use reputable products such as Artius Man beard oils, balms, or butters. When you condition your beard make sure you do it after you dry your hair when you are done showering. This is when your facial hair will be soft and you will be able to distribute the product easily.

2. The Goatee

If you are a fan of The Rock or Dwayne Johnson then you are familiar with the classic goatee. Not everyone can pull off the goatee but if you think your face can then go for it this season.

For those with chubbier and rounder faces the look tends to be unflattering. It looks best on angular and sleek faces.

You can opt for whatever length goatee you prefer. Choose from perfectly groomed to scruffy and anything in between. The key is to use trimmers to keep the edges sharp.

3. Defined Beard

With a defined beard you need to keep the length of your beard hair short and also the lines have to be razor-sharp. You do not want your hair to be so long that it hangs over the lines you create with your razor.

Take the time to keep the beard one length and then with the razor define every line on the neck, mustache, and cheeks. The key is to never have a hair out of place.

4. Viking Beard

This is a favorite style for those that want to be rugged and not have to worry about shaping it up as much. The Viking beard is flowing, long, and unshaped so you do not have to trim it weekly or daily. Once the beard is a few inches long, you can use scissors to trim those random hairs that are too out of place.

Which of These Different Beard Styles Will You Try This Season?

We hope that now that you have our list of unique and different beard styles you have enough inspiration to choose the best beard style for you.

If this blog post helped you out please feel free to continue browsing this section for some more tips and tricks.

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