The recommendations of dermatologists to take care of your skin


Keeping the skin in an optimal state requires dedicating some effort and dedication. The routine is essential to look good and if you do not pay any attention, dehydration and dryness may appear. In this sense, there is no one better than a dermatologist to give the correct indications for efficient care.

There are people whose skin is especially sensitive to certain environmental factors and certain products.  These people with such sensitive skin should take special care when choosing their cosmetics , being specially recommended for them specific cleansing lotions or micellar water.

Without a doubt, there are many practices that benefit the well-being of the skin. In this article you can discover some of them.

5 tips to keep your skin in the best condition

The skin is a really sensitive organ. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to it. Here are some tips for caring for your skin:

Moisturize the skin every day: A moisturizer can be of great help to prevent dry skin. It is important to apply these creams after washing, with the skin still damp, to obtain greater absorption and for the hydration to work wonderfully.

Do a gentle cleaning: Maintaining the balance of the skin and not attacking it is very important, that is why it is recommended to use physiological makeup removers.

Always use sun protection: On days when the sun attacks significantly, it is essential to always carry sunscreen to avoid burning and damaging the skin. The sun is one of the main causes of transformations in cellular DNA, so providing protection against the sun’s rays is of vital importance.

Exfoliation with caution: The adapted exfoliator will be of great help for skin care, and it is advisable to do this practice once a week. In any case, the number of exfoliations will have to be adapted to each skin, always without exceeding certain limits. You can call the best Skin care Clinic here.

Do not forget about the lips: Although it is an area that is usually less attended, it is important to maintain good hydration in the mouth.

Dermatological searches on the internet or how to choose a center to treat my skin

The appearance of the skin configures our environment of relationship with others. Any blemish on the skin, especially blemishes on the face , and specifically sun spots and red spots on the face are generally easily removable with current dermatological techniques. From the laser for solar spots, such as the laser for red spots on the skin ( couperose , rosacea , spider veins or various types of ” angiomas ” and vascular malformations ), the dermatologist currently has a very effective weapon for its treatment.

Most Common Dermatological Problems Googled

We can see in Google that the most frequent searches in our environment on these topics after “Madrid dermatology” and “children’s dermatology”, are “spots on the skin”, “spots on the face”, “white spots on the skin”, “ rosacea ”,“ dermatology laser ”,“ Madrid vascular laser ”,“ price vascular laser ”,“ facial vascular laser ”,“ face spot laser ”,“ Madrid face spot laser ”,“ Madrid scar laser ”and“ acne scars laser ” . Of course there are other highly sought-after dermatological terms such as “psoriasis”, “vitiligo”, “acne”, “acne scars”, “dermatitis”, “hair loss”, “stretch marks”, “cellulite”, “laser hair removal”, ” diode laser ”,“ Alexandrite laser ”or“ Madrid laser ”.

How to choose my reference dermatological center

Curiously, another of the most frequent searches refers to opinions of patients, despite having a relative value because they are generally subjective and anonymous. It is very difficult for the patient to compare and decide on one center or another. Many times it is not able to discern the differences that exist between a medical center run by dermatologists and an aesthetic center whose level of professional training will never be comparable to specialists who have completed 4 years of hospital training. It should also be remembered that Dermatology is the most requested specialty in MIR specialist examinations, so future dermatologists are always among the best medical students.

Despite the fact that dermatological treatments are delicate and depend a lot on the type of skin of the patient, the training and experience of the specialist doctor and the available technologies, it is common to find that the patient makes a search oriented only on the price or on the price. proximity to the center. The patient should be aware that in many cases it is preferable to travel further or pay something more to obtain the desired results. It is more difficult to solve the side effects that appear after certain treatments that could have been avoided with a correct initial approach.

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