The perfect guide to buying Ruby


Rubies are well known for their incredible hardness and bright color. It’s not possible to grade rubies on a precise, universal scale. But, there are several characteristics used to rate a ruby’s quality.

In this article, you will come to know how to judge the quality of a ruby and ruby buying guide.

budget and preference 

Select a carat that is favorable in terms of your budget and preference. The larger the gem, the more expensive it turns out to be. Besides, size, cut, color, and clarity are points for determining the aesthetics and practicality. Some rubies are exceptional and rare. You can get the availability of the Laboratory-made rubies at 85–90% of the price that a natural ruby. It’s good to remember that the commercial-quality five-carat ruby is available for selling five times faster than one-carat ruby. On the contrary, rare fine-quality five-carat sell for twenty-five times than one-carat ruby.


the general shape usually turns out to be a matter of preference. In general, most rubies are oval, cushion, marquise, or round. You can also get the availability of the Heart or emerald cut corners and are of lower demand.


You may prefer a pure red or purplish-red ruby that is also referred to as “pigeon blood.” However, it turns out to be a matter of personal taste. You can also get high-quality rubies in orange-red, rose, or pink. Pink rubies are also strikingly good.

return policy

judging a ruby in more detail from a photo isn’t possible. Especially in buying a ruby online, look for the return policy. Besides, you should also consider reviews of the company online. Always see that you get a scope for the refund or replacement if it doesn’t match the wearer’s preferences. Moreover, if you find out more black or grey patches while holding it in the bright light, it shows the ruby’s value isn’t up to the mark. Usually, shallow-cut stones have fewer extinctions. Whatever the case may be, look for brilliance and Transparency.


You must look for the rubies with the richest color, also called color purity or intensity. Significant shades of brown or gray determine the medium, fair, or weak saturation. However, you must note that these are not scientific measurements. You should also consider the ruby’s tone. The amount of color ranges from very dark to very light.

ruby’s clarity

in ruby, rutile can create a sheen when cut correctly, thus striking elegance. Besides, you can also look for a star pattern. However, it’s good to remember that you can’t get the clarity grading system.


With the treatment, you can rest assured of getting the durability and improved appearance. However, in some cases, the manufacturers add extra material to correct flaws in the ruby. This aspect makes the rubies turn out to be less valuable. If you’re looking for an exceptional value, always make sure to pick the item from a reputable jeweler.


Make sure to choose the metal setting based on preference and budget. You can get the Lower carat setting that is less lustrous or, the higher carat one that will give better luster.

Final word

Regardless of the type of stone you’re choosing, you must consider the points mentioned earlier to guarantee you the one you need.

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