The Demon Slayer Sword and the Significance of Its Colors


Demon Slayer, the most-loved and highly popular manga or anime series, in its latest film featured swords used by the demon slayers. The swords play a significant role in the entire narrative of the series. Tanjiro along with the other characters use special blades meant for the Demon Slayer Corps. These swords are known as Nichirin blades. The swords are forged from Scarlet Crimson Ore which is characterized by a constant absorption of sunlight. These blades are known to kill demons instantly. Nichirin blades are known to be more effective and fatal, particularly when they are tweaked and turned into the more powerful Crimson Red Nichirin blade. You can choose a Demon Slayer sword from multiple options.

A Nichirin blade takes on a distinct color when it is drawn by its owner. This is why each word is unique. You can find a variety of colors for the blade. It is said that every color of the blade sends out specific properties to the blade. The following are the blade colors that this sword has:


The blue blade symbolizes water. It’s the first Nichirin blade featured in the series. A blue blade was wielded by Giyu Tomioka in his Breath of Water style. This makes him one of the most formidable Pillar fighters.



The black blade is a mysterious one. Tanjiro Kamado wields this black blade, but there is no known meaning of this particular blade. The reason for this is that the black blades are known for being rare. Demon slayers who wield this sword don’t live long and are not likely to become a Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.


The pink Demon slayer sword blade means love and this is meant for the Breath of Love style. This blade is used by Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. It is no surprise that such a blade becomes pink since Mitsuri is a bubbly, emotional, and passionate character who is also shy and likes to give compliments to people. The Breath of Love style can only be used by Mitsuri because of her body’s unique constitution. She is known for flexibility and agility yet she still has inhuman strength. This is because she has muscles that are eight times denser than the normal human muscles.


The white sword means mist. This sword is wielded by Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. The Breath of Mist style is based on the Breath of Wind. This sword is a great fit for Muichiro who is air-headed, always lost in thoughts, and unable to focus.

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