The best ways to surprise your other half


You don’t like surprises? It’s hard not to like surprises but oh well, most people like surprises, and they crave them. They seat at their desk all day hoping to see a delivery guy with a mysterious package for them. People dream of surprises even when it’s not their birthday. Surprises are such a big deal that’s why.

And as much as you love being on the receiving end, it doesn’t stop you from planning surprises for your other half. Whether you just met each other recently or have been together for a long time, you can plan one. As time passes it may become challenging to surprise your other half. Worry not though this universe has blessed us with a million ways for you to surprise your other half and were here to share them.

Here are the best ways to surprise your other half

  • Treat him to a full body massage

Whether it’s getting the occasional self-care or simply getting some relief from back pain, going to the spa can become costly and maybe even boring. Surprise your other half by giving them a massage. The experience will be unforgettable because getting a massage from the person you get intimate with is certainly different.

Your other half will benefit from the splurges that come with receiving massages from their partner. It will help form a deeper connection between the two of you both physically and emotionally. Upon planning to do this, (if you’re not feeling shy) create a spot something like a makeshift sanctuary to relax the mind and body. Make sure it’s extra-comfortable preferably with pillows. Assuming you’ve prepared your oils and all you can invite your other half over and indulge them in this treat.

  • Hide sweet notes for her to find

Don’t underestimate the power of finding a sweet note under your pillow reading “I love you” or may “I think of you every second” and “I freaking love you”. These hidden love messages are guaranteed to surprise your partner no matter what mood they’re in. You can hide them inside your partner’s towel, inside a book he is currently reading, behind the cupboard, inside their shoes, or just hang it on the doorknob for an easier find. No matter how long it takes for them to find these love notes, it doesn’t take away the element of surprise.

  • Do the good old candlelight dinner

A candlelight dinner can be a beautiful and romantic gesture for your partner. For a change don’t go to a crowded restaurant. Plan and celebrate this dinner with your lady in the quiet solitude of your home. Just a few things you need to do so she can land in your surprise. Start by welcoming her with scented candles and flower petals at the entrance to welcome her. Use different aromas for your environment. They should be able to arouse special feelings in both of you. Next, you can send her a loving candlelight dinner invitation at her workplace. Be sure to crown it all with her favorite dish. The table should have candles and flowers of course. With romantic music playing in the background the two of you can relax while you’re sure she enjoyed and liked this surprise.

  • Write them an actual handwritten love letter

These are old-fashioned really. No one even writes them anymore. But that’s what we want to surprise him. Get a pen and pour out your feelings for him on a piece of paper. Express how much you adore him, why you love him, and all those lovey-dovey things people in love say. You can send it to them at work or put it somewhere for them to find.

  • Recreate your first date

Surprise your other half by taking them down memory lane. You want your other half to remember what that day was like, what you did, and how it make the both of you feel. If it was traditional and you picked her up from her apartment, pick her up. Maybe you took her for a movie first and then had dinner at a certain restaurant. All these details are important. Even wear the same outfits you wore on that day. Recreating this first date will surprise your partner and stimulate the feelings you share and deepen your love.

  • Run an errand for them that they’ve been avoiding

Name one person on this earth that wouldn’t want or love this surprise. No one! Make your partner’s day by checking off their to-do list with that one errand they’ve been avoiding. It could be as simple as taking or fetching clothes from the cleaners, taking mail to the post office, or taking a sack full of leaves to the compost. What a surprise!

  • Plan a day trip to somewhere they love

Has your boyfriend always wanted to visit a certain place? Plan a small day trip to that place and only inform them on your way there. It’s easy to plan such trips if they fit within your budget or only a few hours’ drive and if it’s something your other half has always wanted to do.

  • Surprise her with a ring

Surprising huh? Even your other half will be surprised when she sees you on your knees, with a Claddagh ring. Before picking out a ring, find out what kind of ring she likes, her ring size and how the proposal will happen. Some of the proposal ideas are a meal with a secret ending, creating a scavenger hunt, and filming the proposal trailer. This is a risky surprise but it’s worth it because you’ll find out if she’s ready to take the next step with you.

Final thoughts

And there you have it, the different ways on how you can surprise your other half. Some of them are as archaic as a candlelight dinner and others are as crazy as recreating your first date. Whatever idea you choose from this list, were almost sure your partner will love it and they’ll be surprised.

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