This has not been easy or fast, we have asked more than 18 experts who frequently analyze products from Rayher, Faibo and Wolfcraft among others. In this way, and after 12 hours of work, we have prepared the guide on punches for all budgets and situations.

What is a punch?

The awl is a hand tool, which is made up of a wooden handle with a metal edge on the opposite end. The main function of a punch is to create holes in a surface. It is a very strong tool that can pierce through metal, leather, and even wood. In general, it is made of steel.

However, its materials may vary according to its use. The shapes of a punch or Stansar also vary between cylindrical and prismatic. A punch can be used by both children and adults, either for crafts or educational in schools. Therefore, the punch is accessible to everyone.

How do you use an awl?

Using an awl is really simple. However, we must be careful with the sharp point that is part of this product. The awl is held with one hand from the area of ​​the handle and the other hand must always be supported on a flat and secure surface. Then we move only the tip or the edge, from top to bottom, as if we were hitting firmly.

The movement should be gentle when it comes to children using it. However, when a responsible adult uses it to create marks in a hard metal, it may also need a hammer to strike it on the handle.

What types of punches are there?

Although the best known punch is the school punch, there are different models available. They are adapted to various uses and needs. We will mention the main ones:

Recorder punch: Used to make recordings. A recording is achieved when, with the help of an awl, we cut or dig into a surface. It can be on a coin, a medal, a knife, a spoon and even on firearms, like a shotgun. The shapes that can be engraved vary between numbers, series and images.

Center punch: This punch is used as a reference before a certain object is pierced or bored. We will also need the help of a hammer, which will gently hit the handle of the awl in order to achieve the mark.

Aligning punch : We are only going to use this punch for when we need to align holes. It is very pointed at the tip, making it more effective. After having made the alignments, we can insert whatever we want, such as a rivet for example.

Pin Punch : This punch is used in most cases to eject or remove pins and rivets. The good thing is that there are different shapes and models that will fit the needs of the person who needs it.

Automatic punches : Today, with the technological advances that we have achieved in all kinds of fields, we find automatic punches. These punches make work easier when executing a task. They thus achieve greater precision and shorten the time we spend on an activity.

Widening punch : This punch is used in the event that we find ourselves in a situation where we have to widen a previously made perforation. It is ideal for enlarging a hole so that a rivet can be inserted more comfortably.

Woodworking punch : This punch is special and unique because it has the perfect point to create holes of any size in the wood. It is the only punch that should be used to work with wood if we want to get a good finish on the piece.

Can I use an awl to decorate jewelry?

In ancient times, through crowns, rings, necklaces and earrings, kings, queens and people of the aristocracy stood out from the rest of the community. However, many would begin to notice that their jewelry was not made of expensive metals, such as gold.

With the help of the punch, people were dedicated to creating marks on expensive metals to differentiate them from those that were cheaper in composition. These brands are still used to this day. There are goldsmiths and jewelry with certain shapes carved into them, which help the experts to confirm whether the piece has value or not.

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