The best flowers to give on Valentine’s Day


If there is a star gift that never fails on Valentine’s Day, that is a bouquet of flowers . In today’s post we give you some simple tips to get your Flowers for Valentines‘s day right and succeed with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Pick the right flower and watch love bloom!

1- Make sure the flowers are fresh

Just as you would never buy expired chocolates, do the same with the flowers! At Bourguignon we guarantee the maximum freshness and quality in all our flowers and our entire team of professionals prioritizes the quality of the material above all else.

2- And that they last a long time!

We work with flowers of the highest quality, and if you follow our advice on how to take care of your bouquet , in addition to succeeding in love, you will have perfect flowers for longer. And if you want to be an expert in flower care, we recommend our online florist course . You can find the link on the care page or in the top menu.

3- Dare to be different

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with flowers and although our Red Naomi bouquets are spectacular and always a success, at Bourguignon we also like to be original and bring high-quality flowers that are always different. Therefore, we invite you to discover on our website the collection of so special Valentine’s bouquets that we have prepared.

4- Make him smile… Don’t sneeze!

In the immense world of flowers, you can find flowers more allergenic than others, such as sunflowers or chrysanthemums. For this reason, we recommend roses, tulip bouquets  or lily bouquets in case you have doubts .

5- make it personal

Not because you can’t go to the florist, your bouquet has to be devoid of love. Place your order on our website, where we provide you with all the details so that your bouquet is spectacular and arrives perfectly at its destination. We take care of every last detail and if you have any questions or requests, our team of professionals will take care of it. Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

If you have doubts about what type of bouquet to choose, here are our recommendations for bouquets for Valentine’s Day:

The classic that never fails

A bouquet of roses is always a sure hit on Valentine’s Day. But if in addition to having a detail you want to impress her with the best roses, bet on a bouquet of red roses of the Red Naomi variety. It is a classic gift, with the difference that Red Naomi roses have a much larger flower head than other varieties, their smell much more intense, they have a perfect red color and a velvety texture that you will not be able to stop looking at. If to all this we add that its stem measures between 70-80 cm and that it can last up to two weeks with due care, this bouquet becomes the perfect bouquet for those looking for the most romantic option. It is important that the price of a red rose It depends on the size of the stem, being cheaper the shorter the stem.

A modern and seasonal gift

If you like to give other types of flowers on Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you send a bouquet of tulips. Its delicious petals open to reveal different colors as the days go by, flooding the room with color. It is surprising to see how its stems grow in search of light and it even seems to have life. Our tulips come from Holland, the country par excellence of tulips and you can find them in two different options on our website: Bouquet of pink tulips , bouquets of white tulips and Bouquet of red tulips  in three different sizes and from € 40.

The perfect alternative if your partner doesn’t like roses

In case your partner is not overly excited about roses, opt for a bouquet of lilies. Lilies are lush and voluminous flowers that also give off a very fresh and natural fragrance. Observing how its petals open as the days go by is also one of the charms of this flower. It is normal for some of the flowers to arrive closed, but don’t worry, because they will end up opening and shaping a bouquet that can last up to 10 days with proper care. If you like lilies and want to impress with a large and impressive bouquet, choose one of the bouquets we recommend for Valentine’s Day:, like the one in the image. They are available in 3 different sizes, from € 50. The one that appears in the image is the medium or fantastic size. White Lilium Bouquet , or Venus Bouquet

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