The best Exfoliation Solutions That you Can Go for Now


Exfoliation is a word that is often heard in the beauty world but not everyone knows what it is. Here is a mini guide with everything you need to know.

What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is an aesthetic treatment that consists in removing the superficial layer of the epidermis composed of dead cells and residues of make-up or dirt. The process of removing dead cells from the stratum corneum can be carried out with scrubs, scrubs or peels. Exfoliation is performed on the skin of the face or on the skin of the body.

The term exfoliation was coined by the geological field where exfoliation is fractures that form on the surface of the rocks and create slabs which then detach. Similarly in the beauty sector, what is exfoliated, instead of the rock, is the skin.

Why Is Skin Exfoliation Useful?

If the skin is freed from dead cells and dirt residues (make-up, dust deriving from external atmospheric agents), the skin tissues are oxygenated and cell renewal is favored. The skin after exfoliation becomes fresher, cleaner, brighter, purified, regenerated, with a healthy appearance.

In addition, when the exfoliation is performed, the increase in dermal circulation is favored thanks to the massage performed and the physiological epidermal turnover is stimulated. Furthermore, if exfoliation is carried out periodically, other benefits can be obtained such as, reduction of the appearance of pimples, comedones (blackheads) and reduction of dilated pores. It generally has no effect on skin spots, wrinkles or signs of aging. Using the p50 pigm400 lotion happens to be the most useful option in this case.

When And How Often Do I Need To Exfoliate The Skin?

One to three times a week is enough. There are also specific exfoliating products that allow daily use in the cleansing routine for the morning and evening (e.g. the exfoliator of the Clinique 3-step skin care system).

How To Exfoliate The Skin

There are different methods of exfoliation and different products that allow you to achieve the same result. Here are the three best known:


The scrub is a creamy substance that contains hard micro particles inside (e.g. salts, sugar, seed fragments, and mineral micro crystals) that must be applied to the skin and massaged. By making circular massages in all areas of the face (or body), the skin is desquamated by detaching dirt and dead cells.


It is a creamy or gel-based substance that contains powder of rice, oats, hazelnut or other powders of natural substances and is applied on the skin and massaged. Also in this case, a massage is performed on dry or slightly moistened skin and then the product is removed with water.


Peeling is a product that contains chemicals, usually acids, which are used to remove the surface layer of the skin. The most used are fruit acids such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid. It is applied to the skin and a light massage is performed. The Biologique Recherche singapore product is the best option in this case.

There are also medical peels and mechanical peels made with the use of special machinery. For example, there are tools for doing microdermabrasion, superficial or deep chemical peels. In these cases, however, we enter a medical field that involves dermatological treatments to treat, for example, acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, dermatitis or other more serious skin problems.

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