The Best Сosmetics: Natural vs Organic


Nowadays, a conscious choice of goods and fashion for everything natural are gaining great popularity. These trends also touched the beauty market. But not all buyers understand the difference between familiar products and those sold with the eco prefix in the name or description. And yet there is a big difference even between creams with Natural and Organic marks.

Which Cosmetics Is It Better To Choose?

Natural cosmetics  contain a certain amount of:

  • Plant extracts.
  • Essential and base oils.
  • Ingredients of animal origin.

This is how it differs from conventional means, which almost entirely consist of synthesized substances. But in addition to natural components, such cosmetics may contain preservatives, abrasives, thickeners, and stabilizers on a synthetic basis. According to the classification, the manufacturer is obliged to add at least 20% of eco-substances, but there are no clear standards and everything depends on the company’s honesty.

According to the rules, the composition must contain at least 95% of safe, natural raw materials. Such products have several essential qualities:

  • The ingredients are collected by hand in a clean area, on soil that has been free from mineral fertilizers for over 4 years.
  • If the plants are grown specifically for the production, then this is done without growth stimulants, pesticides, etc.
  • During processing and storage, technology is followed to ensure the safety of people and the environment.
  • No testing on animals.
  • The packaging is harmless to nature.
  • The composition is free of parabens, mineral oils, silicones, fragrances, and dyes.

Such requirements make organic products expensive. The effect of using environmentally friendly products may appear only after a week, but natural processes in the skin will be gently regulated. Also, those who suffer from allergies should pay attention to such products.

TOP-5 Best Online Cosmetics Shops


It would have been considered a crime to bypass this wonder online store that includes various cosmetic treatments for hair, skincare, etc. Sephora helps its customers to lift the curtain of their beauty business and opt for themselves what they enjoy. And there’s plenty to select from! No one will stay indifferent to this internet shop, as, with such an extensive array of makeup and other maintenance services and products, every person will find something that they enjoy.

Cutis Medical

This really is among the beauty companies that focus primarily on more than simply face maintenance. Cutis Medical was demonstrating its own professionalism in the market of health cosmetology and equipment for many years. The business is also famous for providing its own products and equipment to get both mesotherapy and shape plastic. If you want to know more about the beauty industry, then Cutis Medical is going to find a way to supply staff training for doctors and beauty specialists.


Perhaps this isn’t the wonder online shop which you think of in regards to the beauty market. But, it cannot be forgotten. After all, Anthropology supplies a massive assortment of cosmetic brands which may please real beauty fans. And health cosmetics may be worthy of special attention.


Glossier pleasures clients not just with quality services and products, but also design. Beautiful boxes and tubes of pale colors will decorate the cosmetic bag of almost every admirer of the beauty market. And also a vast selection of services and products for body and face maintenance will delight everyone.

The Detox Market

The name of the internet shop may tell a lot. In The Detox Market, you’ll see just green and clean services and products which won’t harm your health. And the “Banned Ingredients List” makes it evident how seriously and reverently the experts choose the services and products they sell to their clients.

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