Tattoo Healing Stages – The First Stage


Just like any other open wound, a tattoo is a fresh wound that has been inflicted in your body. That is why you got to be very careful when dealing with it. A tattoo can take a lot of time to heal and you need to be attentive about it. The visible part of the tattoo might heal over the next 3-5 weeks. But, there are deeper layers underneath the top layer of the skin. Yes! They can take a little longer to heal. In many cases, the entire thing can take around 2-3 months to heal completely. The timeline will majorly vary depending on the size and quality of the tattoo that you have got for yourself. So, in today’s blog we are going to talk about the different healing stages of a tattoo. Take a look.

3 Major Stages of Tattoo Healing Process

There are three major stages of the tattoo healing process. These are –

  • Stage One (Days 1-6) this stage is marked by oozing, redness and of course swelling. You can also see that scabs are coming out from the tattoo.
  • Stage Two (Days 7-14) – the second stage delivers more prominent itching and flaking of the skin. This will continue till the time all dead skin cells are removed from the tattoo.
  • Stage Three (Days 15-30) – the last stage is when you will see that the tattoo looks fully healed. But, it might appear a bit cloudy at the same time. Keep in mind that the deeper skin layers are still repairing and that is why you cannot ignore it even now.

Stage One – Oozing and Soreness

The first stage of the tattoo healing process begins as soon as you come out of the tattoo parlor. The area around the tattoo is now an open wound and will start producing lot of plasma as soon as the tattoo is finished. The artist is going to clean the area with an anti-bacterial soap and cover it with a thin film. You need to take this off within the next 24 hours without fail. Your tattoo artist will tell you when is the appropriate time to remove it.

You are going to notice a bit of blood mixed with plasma coming out of the tattoo. That is absolutely normal. There’s nothing to worry about. After you remove the cover, make sure to wash it with mild soap and lukewarm water thoroughly. Wipe all the blood and plasma clotted here & there. Use a good quality and reliable tattoo ointments to apply over it.

This is the time when you cannot bring the tattoo under direct exposure to sunlight or water. Always keep the tattoo covered when going out or else you can face skin rashes or infection. Treat the tattoo with high priority.

Final Words – the first stage is very crucial for the overall success of your tattoo. Follow our instructions and make sure that the tattoo is properly taken care of. Also, did you get your hands on a good tattoo aftercare cream? Make sure that you get one without any delay.

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