Surprise your guests with these 7 NYE party favour ideas 


Time flies! It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the end of the year 2020, which will make New Year’s Eve one of the top celebratory events of our lives. Now, if you are someone hosting a New Year’s Bash, it is the time to start with the preparations. As you tick-off your party checklist, don’t leave New Year’s Gifts for the last minute. Well, to help you check this off your to-do tasks, we have enlisted some interesting party favours for all the guests arriving for your bash this year. 

  1. Fortune Cookies 

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t love cracking open a fortune cookie. Well, that’s exactly why it makes a great New year’s party favour for your guests! So, write the best fortune on strips of papers and hide it safely inside the cookies. Give it to your guests and make them all read it out loud at the party. 

  • DIY Goodie Bags 


If you’re clueless about what will work best as a party favour for your guests, creating a handmade goodie is the best solution. Prepare a decorative jute bag and fill it with a little something inside it. It can be anything between candies and mini charms. 

  1. Exclusive Chocolate Box 

Send home the partygoers with something sweet in their hands- an exclusive box of chocolates- looks adorable when packed in a personalised box- tied with a bow. This assorted box that comes with an engraved name of the recipient doubles as an extraordinary token of gratitude for all your visitors at the party. 

  1. Bubble wands 

They are one of the brilliant innovations of all times. Period. Whether it is a New Year’s party full of children or adults, everyone will appreciate a bubble wand as a party favour. So, let the good times roll with bubbles flying everywhere as the clock ticks twelve. Now, what a stunning sight that will be! 

  1. Miniature Bells 

It makes the best New Year’s party favours, for everyone. You can find everything between mini jingle bells and retro rusty bells in all sizes, colours, and designs today in the market. So, let your guests ring in the New Year’s celebration this year with an adorable miniature bell. 

  1. Party Kit 

A brilliant New Year’s gift for all of your lovelies! Pack a box full of tiaras, noisemakers, streamer throws, confetti shooters and tin foil hats to kickstart the celebration in swag. You can also go ahead and add boozy treats to the box to set the mood. Trust us, a party kit will guarantee one gala of a time! 

  1. Gold Stick-on Name Tags 

These gold stick-on nametags will let everyone have a great time at your party getting to know each other. It’s the perfect ice-breaker that’ll kick start the celebrations for everyone with lots of banter and laughter. 

Favours are an excellent way to show your gratitude to people attending your New Year’s party. So, get something interesting from our list to thank them for gracing you with their presence. These New Year’s presents will do all the talking, ladies and gentlemen. Wishing each and every one of you a very happy and a prosperous New Year! 

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