Standing Up for Yourself: How to File a Complaint


Picture this. You’ve been checking out a specific product or service for some time, and after saving up you’ve finally been able to purchase it. You get ready for the day that your goods are supposed to arrive, and when they finally do…it’s an absolute disaster.

As disappointing as this sounds, such problems are a common occurrence. However, many people choose to stay quiet because they feel that complaining makes things more problematic than they already are.

This shouldn’t be the case! As the customer, you should learn how to file a complaint to make sure you get everything that you deserve out of your product or service. Read on to learn how to make a complaint!

1. Identify the Entities Involved

The first thing that you’ll want to do is find out which entities are at fault for your mishandled product or service. After all, you can’t really file a successful complaint if you don’t even know who caused the problem.

When it comes to shipped products, there can be my entities involved, including the manufacturer, the fulfillment center, and the distributors. Services tend to be more direct, making it easier to identify the entity. In any case, you’ll need names before you can make any complaints.

2. Understand the Core Issue

Wanting to address an issue is important, but you need to know what exactly you’re trying to address. This involves learning the core issue of your problem and the complexities around it.

Doing this will also help you determine if it’s even worth complaining about the problem. If the error was slight, it may be worth less than the time you’ll have to take to complain about it. That said, if the error is more serious, this is where you find out how bad it really is.

3. Write a Complaint

Now, you’re finally ready to write a complaint about your product.

First, you’ll want to find the right mechanism to file a complaint. Most people think that the best place to add a complaint is on a forum or customer review section, but if the problem is serious enough you’ll want to go directly to the entity involved. You may even need to get a legal crew together as well if the situation requires it.

If you have an actual campaign strategy, now would be the time to incorporate it while writing the letter. Any legal parties on your team (if needed) will know the best way to go forward with the company in question, so make sure to listen to their advice to make the process as easy as possible.

Are you ready to file a customer complaint? You’ll want to read over these customer complaints to see how to complain to Amazon properly and get the attention and product correction that you deserve. Make sure to let your voice be heard!

Now You Know How to File a Complaint

Now that you know how to file a complaint, you’ll be able to get a solution for your poor product or service in no time. Check out the rest of our site to see what other tips you can learn to level up in your success!

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