SHOO APPAREL – Protective Clothing to Keep You Safe and Healthy 


In case you didn’t know, our clothes can harbor microbes, germs, and bacteria. At this time when the prevalence of microbial diseases is considerably high, it makes sense to protect yourself and the people you love by investing in clothes that protect against germs and bacteria.     

A US-based apparel company known as SHOO has launched Smart Armor Collection clothes which are designed to keep you safe and healthy. These protective clothing utilize innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology to kill germs and bacteria. Along with antimicrobial protection, Smart Armor Collection clothes are made with high-quality Italian fabrics to guarantee utmost comfort and durability. They are stylish, come in a wide range of colors, and they are affordable too. 

The fabrics used to make Shoo apparel protective clothing are infused with antimicrobial technology called HeiQ V-Block which uses silver and vesicle technology to protect against dangerous germs and bacteria. HeiQ V-Block is hypoallergenic and 100% safe on the human body. The added layer of protection gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t harbor microbes, germs, and bacteria.

SHOO’s Smart Armor Collection clothes comprise of SHOO skin(women’s), SHOO crop (women’s), SHOO fly (unisex), and turtleneck masks. 


This innovative combo comes as a top and a removable turtleneck that converts into a face mask. It’s made with 62% organic cotton and 38% vegetal fibre. Therefore, this combo boasts an array of qualities including ability to control moisture, breathability, enhanced durability, and comfort. Both the top and turtleneck are infused with HeiQ V-Block to protect against germs, microbes, and bacterial. Moreover, SHOO FLY utilizes UPF 50 to provide UV protection. The fabric is soft and plush against the skin. Available in black, red, navy, and white. SHOO FLY retails at $119.

SHOO SKIN (women’s)

This apparel comes as a top and turtleneck-style detachable mask with comfortable ear holes. It’s made with super soft 87% biodegradable plant material microtencel fabric and 13% elastane, which are not only gentle on the skin but also comfortable. Both the turtleneck and top are infused with the innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology to protect against germs and bacteria. Its extra-long cuffs protect your hands, and you can choose cuff details depending on your preferences. SHOO SKIN comes in a wide range of colors, including red, yellow, true blue, black, sky blue, taupe, and heather grey. This apparel can be worn in four different ways. You can wear it as a turtleneck, as a mask, without the neck piece, or as a headband. Retails at $136. 

SHOO CROP (Women’s) 

SHOO CROP combines a top and funnel neck that doubles as a mask—though the funnel neck is not detachable. Made with 62% organic cotton and 38% vegetal fibre, this apparel offers utmost comfort and durability. Both the funnel neck and top are infused with innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology and UPF 50.  Comes in two colors—red and black, and retails at $136. 

SHOO Smart Armor Collection clothes are not only stylish but also a smarter alternative to wearing masks.

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