Right Choices for the Best masks at the Balls


Carnival in Venice is really great. Everywhere you see beautifully dressed people with the most beautiful masks. But Venice itself is also a feast for the eyes. Carnival really gives something extra; it makes you fall in love, in love with Venice.

Carnival in Venice

Carnival in Venice lasts no less than twelve days and to a small extent coincides with the Dutch Carnival. The Venetian Carnival is really completely different; here you don’t go dressed as something, but here you walk all day in a beautiful costume, with a beautiful mask. You cannot think of it as crazy or it will happen. No animals, no clowns, just beautiful. The masquerade balls are most frequent ones there.

The Venetian Carnival started in 1296. Wearing masks allowed you to walk the streets anonymously, social statuses were hidden and you could commit a sin unseen. Even outside of the carnival, wearing masks was common in Venice. In the time of Napoleon, the wearing of masks was prohibited. Later, the wearing of masks was happily resumed and masks are now widely worn during the carnival, in combination with the most beautiful costumes from Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers.

How to choose your Venetian mask for masquerade balls?

Available in all materials and in all designs, the Venetian mask or wolf mask has always been an essential accessory for an evening or a costume ball. In case you are looking for a disguise idea for the end of year celebrations, Mardis-Gras and carnivals, why not opt ​​for this mask. But, since it is difficult to get your hands on the right mask, here are a few things you should know to make your choice easier.

Lace masks

Inspired straight by the Venice carnival, the lace wolf is a perfect accessory for costume balls. Focusing on the stylish and vintage side, this kind of mask will bring a unique touch to your disguise. Comfortable and easy to wear, this model of mask is very popular with women, especially those who want to bet on their seductive side. So, if you too want to bet on a quality design, do not hesitate to choose this mask for your fancy dress parties. The venetian masks are the best options there.

Masks to decorate

The wolves of Venice certainly cannot do without decorating wolves. Painted all in white, these masks are customizable with paints and markers available in all colors. If you are a fan of creative hobbies, or an enthusiast of colorful prints, these customizable masks will allow you to spend lovely moments with your family and friends. The must with this model is that it offers a touch of pride when you go to wear it. Party, parade and others will be successful with this kind of wolves.

You now know how to choose your Venetian mask to enjoy your evenings and parties of all kinds. So, don’t forget to take pictures to immortalize your moments spent in the company of your loved ones while looking at them with a smile for years to come!

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