Reasons to Choose Natural Haircare Products over Chemical Counterparts 


The shift towards organic has opened the eyes of the world to the ugly truth of chemicals. In the wake of the exposé, people are openly rioting against drug-based products favoring safe and eco-friendly options for their personal use. For haircare, people are positively showing a greaterinterest in all-natural solutions that contain oils, herbs, fruit extracts and essential nutrients instead of phthalates and parabens. 

To the readers we owe an explanation for this change in public sentiments. If you are considering going chemical-free and looking for some air-tight reasons to make that move, here are why you should ditch chemical products and choose only natural ones.

To Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Chemical shampoos and conditioners are wholly or partly chemical based. Their list of ingredientsoften includes harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens and silicones that not only deteriorate the health of the hair, but also harms the skin as they run down the body during washing. Some have phthalates that when inhaled can harm the lungs, not to mention preservatives and additives that are equally harmful for the body. 

To Better Care for Your Hair

The best way to avoid chemicals is to replace your current products with a biotin shampoo and the best biotin conditioner and you no longer have to worry about the consequences of what you are putting in your hair. Some months later, your hair will thank you for making the right choices. You will notice a massive improvement in the hydration levels of your locks. Your mane will appear shinier and silkier and with a hair growth booster, it may even get thicker and more voluminous. 

To Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Keep using a biotin hair spray or a natural shampoo regularly, and over time the health of your scalp will improve dramatically. You will see changes in scalp itches, irritations, flakes and dandruff and such problems that are so common with using chemical products. Naturally derived, the ingredients of these products naturally cleanse the scalp and unclog the pores. They have zero side effects. 

To Be Kinder to Our Planet

The bonus that comes with opting for natural haircare brands is their ecological policies. These companies offer package-free items or at least recyclable containers. Unlike the plastic packaging of chemical products, these packages can be decomposed or reused. Plus, the natural products carry no toxic chemicals that contribute to water pollution.

To Go Cruelty-Free

Products like biotin hair sprayare not tested on animals, when chemical products mostly are. Those that are not are not fully safe to use, dermatologically speaking. With natural products, this is your chance to go cruelty-free and still have a safe product to use. 

To Make More Sustainable Choices 

The natural haircare products are made using ethically sourced ingredients and fair practices. Some of the brands give back something to the community or environment in the form of resources. A select few companies even share a certain percent of their profits from every product they sell with the community that works. At Biotin Xtreme Hair Care, we offer the best hair loss solutions on the market today.


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