Reasons For The Rise Of Online Piano Music Learning Among Children In India


Music is one area of ​​expertise that Mama Papa often introduces to their children. It could be because both parents have experience playing music, it could also be because they know its positive influence on children.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has opened new doors for learning music online and many students are now taking advantage of this trend. Well, Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning are quite popular instrument choices in India.

No wonder, if there are the best Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning such as, considering the various benefits that are very useful for children’s development and development.

Then, what are the benefits of Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning for children? Here’s the reason

1. Improve Concentration

Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning are closely related to focus and concentration. When someone plays the piano, he will do several things at the same time. Move your hands, press the keys, and see the lyrics of the song or even sing at the same time.

Well, if children are trained to be able to multitask, then indirectly parents are training their concentration. And if this is done continuously, the habit of playing the piano can be a medium for children to do something with concentration so that they are not easily distracted.

2. Practice Patience

Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning are not easy things. Children and even adults need consistent practice and a lot of time to master this instrument. Therefore, it is only natural that this activity will train patience for anyone who plays it.

Parents must be smart in providing support for their children because patience will pay off. So, not only children can learn patience, but the Kiddo Family can also practice patience in teaching musical abilities to children through the piano.

3. Reduces Stress and Supports Positive Feelings

Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning have various benefits, one of which is to create feelings of pleasure and think more positively. Activities related to the physical represented by the fingers will produce beautiful music that can avoid stress or depression.

If children already like playing the piano, this activity can ward off boredom or stress. Studies have even studied the relationship between playing the piano and lowering blood pressure and its correlation with mental health in children.

4. Reduce Screen Time

Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning can be a variety of fun activities that can hone a variety of skills. Parents can make a schedule of daily activities that their children like in particular to reduce the use of gadgets or electronics in general.

Watching television and playing on cell phones can be a distraction if parents can condition learning the piano as an exciting routine. Children can even take the initiative to play on their own even though it is not the time even though no teacher is guiding them.

5. Hand Exercise

Although Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning are dominantly done by sitting and moving their fingers or toes more. The whole activity is a form of physical exercise that is quite tiring.

Children are taught to pay attention to good posture during play and to maintain it for a long time. In addition, the movement of strong hands pressing the keys and quickly switching to a song is also a form of exercise.

6. Accepting Criticism and Feedback

When children take online piano classes and online keyboard learning, they also learn to accept input and criticism. Children may feel the game is good and right. If there is a different opinion from the teacher, the child will practice accepting that his opinion is not always correct. This is very useful in learning other things and social life later.

7. Increase Confidence

Learning a fairly difficult instrument, doing regular exercises, and accepting criticism from people will affect a child’s self-confidence. They will love Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning and with the right support also feel that their family is proud of what they do. These things contribute to building children’s confidence not only in playing music but also in various other aspects.

8. Cognitive Ability

Cognitive is the construction of abilities that are formed by involving the brain. Cognitive abilities include remembering, thinking, solving problems, and making decisions. All of these things can be honed by taking Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning.

Children will remember which notes and keys to press, think quickly if something is wrong, and make decisions if the tempo and note are out of sync. Many other things can sharpen cognitive abilities by playing the piano.

9. Improve Academic Ability

Online Piano Classes and online keyboard learning support various abilities of children that can support their academic performance. Children will find it easier to concentrate, be confident, and have impressive cognitive abilities. So it is not surprising that school achievement is also fairly good if our children are used to playing the piano.

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